A Lookback at The Most Hilarious Viral Memes From 2018

Do you remember the most viral memes of 2018? Probably not! As we bid goodbye to the past year, we reminiscence over the good and the bad things that 2018 gave us. Thanks to the age of the internet, we get quite a few good laughs thanks to memes. Some of the viral memes of 2018 were so hilarious that they turned out to be more popular than their source of inspiration. From Anushka Sharma in Sui Dhaaga to Ganesh Gaitonde in Sacred Games, we got our daily dose of humor through these viral memes of 2018.

Want to jostle your memory with the best of viral memes of 2018? Here’s a rundown of the best and the funniest ones that the past year gave us. Kudos to the creative minds of the netizens!


1. Anushka Sharma

From the time the trailer of Sui Dhaaga came out, Anushka’s antics in one of the scenes gave rise to some of the most hilarious and viral memes of 2018. Here’s a look at few of them.


Viral memes of 2018


viral memes of 2018


2. Sacred Games

Sacred Games not only gave us the best web series India has seen till date, but it also gave us some of the most viral memes of 2018. This can certainly be considered as one of the best web series of 2018.


viral memes of 2018 3


viral memes of 2018 4


3. Thank you, next

Arianne Grande gave us one of the best songs and a bout of the most hilarious and viral memes of 2018. Why it suddenly caught the attention of the witty netizens? There is no explanation!

viral memes of 2018 5


4. Avengers Infinity War

The best Avengers installation so far was definitely this movie. The last scene was an emotional ride for most, but netizens turned this into funny memes too.


viral memes of 2018 6


viral memes of 2018 7


5. Radhika Apte and Netflix India

This year can easily be claimed as Radhika Apte‘s career best. She was seen in many movies and web series. Netizens were quick to notice that most of Radhika’s works were Netflix India originals. Hence, what followed was something we’ll all remember as the funniest memes.


viral memes of 2018 8


viral memes of 2018 9


6. If you don’t love me at

Love means being together at each other’s best and worst. So, netizens turned this forever together quote to give us the most viral memes of 2018

viral memes of 2018 10


viral memes of 2018 11


7. Kedarnath

Inter-communal love is frowned upon in India. Sometimes these love stories lead to communal riots and at other times, it flourishes during an apocalypse too, as in Kedarnath. This again was turned into hilarious memes by our very active and creative netizens.


viral memes of 2018 12


viral memes of 2018 13


viral memes of 2018 14


8. Thackeray

Though the movie will be coming out this year, the trailer of this movie which came out just a few days ended gave us viral memes too. The internet was buzzing with Thackeray memes.


viral memes of 2018 15


9. Sochta hu

The lyrics from the song sochta hu ki woh kitne masoom the too gave us some of the funniest memes. It all started when the original song was remixed for the movie Batti Gul Meter Chalu.


viral memes of 2018 16



10. Ghar se nikalte hi

Armaan Mallik recreated one of our favorite songs from the ’90s, but even he wouldn’t have anticipated that this would give rise to hilarious memes.


viral memes of 2018 18


viral memes of 2018 19


viral memes of 2018 20


11. Sanju

Remember the dialogue from Munnabhai M.B.B.S where Sanjay Dutt asks, Woh form bharna zaroori hai kya? It was revived due to Sanju this year and then it got turned into some mind-blowing hilarious memes.


viral memes of 2018 21


viral memes of 2018 22

Which one of these viral memes is your favorite? Do you have any more you came across in 2018? Let us know in the comments.

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