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Varied Colours Of Words For All Seasons And Reason #BookReview


It’s very rare that I pick up a poetry book. A stickler to fiction and novels, this one surprisingly appealed to me because of it’s catchy cover design (nature lover that I am!) and I was sold completely thanks to the author bio plus the blurb on the backside of the book. The poet (or rather poetess) is a lawyer by qualification but she gave up that well established profession of hers, for the love of writing! And I at least feel thankful that she did (not that I doubt her lawyering skills here) because how would poetry lovers like me have gotten Seasons otherwise. Seasons is a compilation of 162 poems penned by Priyam Acharya. Honestly that’s a lot to take in even for a bibliophile like me, which is why it took me over a month to get through the book. But that’s about the only complaint I have with the book because even though the poems are a lot in quantity, their quality hasn’t been affected. Yes, some of them are a longer read than the others, and honestly I did find the shorter ones (the 5-6 liners) more interesting and thought provoking than the long ones, but that doesn’t make any of the poems any less worthy of a read or appreciation. For those that love the romance genre in poetry, this will be a heart stealer for sure as the love poems are quite a few and all quite well written. But, I’m not much of a romance lover myself, so my personal favourites were not these (check my stories to know which ones I enjoyed the most)

All in all, a great read! As I read the last poem, even though I had read 162 poems already, I turned the page expecting and wanting to read more! I’d recommend poetry as well as non-poetry lovers to give it a try.


My ratings : 4.5/5
Where to buy : Amazon
Connect with the author here:

Priyam Acharya (Facebook) or Priyam Acharya (Instagram)


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