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Countries Where Prostitution Won’t Land You In Jail

Prostitution is one of the oldest professions on the planet, but it is not something one does willingly. People in this field are often looked down upon, by one and all. Poverty, lack of proper education and employment opportunities, etc., are just some of the reasons which forces women to jump into this profession.

However, despite such hatefulness, some countries are making a conscious effort to regulate prostitution and provide sex workers with social and health benefits. So, where is prostitution legal? Here is the answer!


New Zealand

The Kiwis legalized prostitution in 2003. Licensed brothels which operate under public health and other employment laws exist too.




At large, prostitution is legalised across the country, but legal status differs from state to state. There are parts where it is decriminalised and illegal.




In Austria, before a girl (or boy) enters the business, they have to be 18 years or older. Periodic health check-ups and paying taxes are part of the deal too.




Pimping and owning a brothel, both are legal in Bangladesh. Male prostitution however, is illegal.




They’re striving hard to remove the stigma by introducing brothels with facilities like keycards and fingerprint technology.




Prostitution here is legal, but pimping will most likely to land you in jail.




A little contradictory set of laws in Canada makes prostitution legal but buying sex illegal. This came around in 2014 and since then it has put sex workers in a very vulnerable position.




Working in the sex industry is legal, but pimping is against the law.




The government supports prostitution so much so that it bears the expenses of difficulties faced by sex workers with disabilities.




Everything besides forced prostitution (running a brothel, selling your body, pimping) is completely legal in this country.




Though prostitution is legal, soliciting in public is outlawed. Pimping and running a brothel are against the law too.




Prostitution here was legalised way back in 1927. There are several state run brothels across the country which provide tax benefits, health insurance and even pension.




Greece too accepts prostitution as an actual job. Sex workers get equal right and get a health checkup done very frequently.




Prostitution itself isn’t clearly defined or present in their law, which makes sex trade legal. However, this makes the business very dangerous for minors and forced sex workers.




Who hasn’t heard of the infamous red light district of Amsterdam and its window prostitution? Just like many other (banned) things, the Dutch are open and have made prostitution legal too.



So, which of these countries, where prostitution is legal, have you visited? Do you think we should be more liberal about its regulations and benefits related to sex workers? What are your views on prostitution? Let us know in the comments!

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