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A Green Natural Haven in Polcenigo

In focus for today’s #TravelerTuesday is Sorgente di Gorgazzo (located in Polcenigo, Province of Pordenone) in Italy.

Image may contain: text, outdoor and water

I was putting up in Pordenone during my second visit to this country. After exploring the local sights for the first two days, I wanted to venture out of the city. While doing research on places to explore, this place came up and I was immediately fascinated. The reviews, pictures and the history behind the places appealed to me so much that I wanted to go on that very day, but once I got down to finding ways to reach there, I was disappointed to know that the only way was via the local bus. It took some efforts to find the exact bus number and timings (Atap Pordenone), but once I hopped onto and off the bus to reach here, I did not regret the efforts even one bit!


The stream was in full flow and the surrounding greenery added to the natural beauty which is just the kind of eye candy I like! The only sounds around me were those of the flowing water and the chirping birds.

sorgente route

I couldn’t spot the underwater statue of Jesus, and though the notice there claimed to have underwater diving to view it, I couldn’t find anyone around to help me get that experience (I guess it was a non-working day).


So, after roaming around and exploring the place on foot as much I thought was possible,


I sat down on one of the benches outside the nearby cafe (which was also closed), took out my book and read to my heart’s content for about an hour.

Since I did not want to miss out on my return bus (I had checked the bus timetable beforehand) I got up to leave with a heavy heart. Though I missed out the main attraction which is the statue, I carried back a great experience and memories anyway. All in all, a must visit for nature lovers and also for spiritual people (check the operation hours of the underwater diving though). I’d put it on top of my recommended places to visit when in Italy, especially near Venice, Italy or Pordenone.

Pro-tip : Catch ATAP bus number 33 from Pordenone Station and get down at the last stop as shown in the bus timetable (ask the bus driver to guide you to the nearest stop from Sorgente Di Gorgazzo of you’re unsure). Do check the going as well as returning bus timings to ensure you don’t miss out on the last bus.


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