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Harry Potter Quotes For A Better And Braver You

It’s been 8 years since the final movie came out, but the Harry Potter quotes are something all fans can always go back to. Of course phrases like Ron’s “Bloody hell”, Hagrid’s “You’re a wizard, Harry”, the Marauder’s “Mischief Managed” or  Hermione’s “levi-OH-sa” not “levi-oh-SAR”, would remain immemorial for all fans. It’s the Harry Potter quotes that inspired, motivated, and taught us so much about life in general. Right from Albus Dumbledore’s wisdom to Hermione’s intelligence, we got some life learning lessons through Harry Potter quotes.

If you’re a lover of the movie series, today we take you back to the magical world with these Harry Potter quotes. In case you haven’t read the books or seen the movies yet, these quotes should give you an idea of what the rage around the entire franchise is all about.


1. Courage has so many faces



2. The power of words


Harry Potter quotes 2


3. When you’re down remember to turn the lights on


Harry Potter quotes 3


4. Choices maketh a man


Harry Potter quotes 4


5. We never really lose something


Harry Potter quotes 5


6. Your followers don’t equal to your success

Harry Potter quotes 6


7. We’ve all got a dark side


Harry Potter quotes 7


8. How you treat someone defines you


Harry Potter quotes 8


9. What you are born and what you die with is all on you


Harry Potter quotes 9


10. The importance of believing in oneself


Harry Potter quotes 10


11. Those who love us are always with us


Harry Potter quotes 11


12. The power of truth


Harry Potter quotes 12


13. How we undermine wit


Harry Potter quotes 13


14. Accept yourself and be proud of it


Harry Potter quotes 14


15. Forgiving people isn’t as easy as we think


Harry Potter quotes 15

(originally written for TopYaps.com)

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