Funny 13 Reasons Why Memes That Contradicts The Seriousness Of The Show

As hard as it may be to believe, 13 Reasons Why memes are a thing. Though the plot and story of the show are quite serious, these memes are funny and on-point. American shows have become hugely popularly in India since Netflix came in. 13 Reasons Why is one such series that showed us the real side of high school bullying. A teenage girl commits suicide and what led to it makes the story of this series. Sounds serious, correct?

But there are 13 Reasons Why memes with a hilarious take to the show’s circumstances. From Hannah’s heartbreak for smallest of things to Clay’s feelings, here’s a look at few of the best!



That damned Jerry Cantrell 😄


Make that call!


Embedded video


me *sees a zodiac meme about 13 Reasons Why*
me *goes down to capricorn*
capricorn: Hannah Baker

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Is it right?


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did i meme right

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That smile!


Siânny Thomas Comedy@siannybach

Can’t help it!







13 Reasons why being a YouTuber is hard.

13. I
12. Don’t
11. Want
10. To
9. Edit
8. My
7. Videos
6. But
5. I
4. Need
3. To
2. Upload
1. This meme is dumb.

YouTube, welcome to your tape.

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Must keep priorities right!






So, which of these 13 Reasons why memes did you find the funniest? Are there any more such memes you know of and we missed out listing? Let us know in the comments!

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