Travel Tales

A Seashore Castle With Gardens and a Quaint Cafe

In focus for today’s #TravelerTuesday is Miramare Castle, a hidden gem in a small town in Italy.


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This was my second visit to the country and I’d already covered the most touristy spots like Venice, Rome and Florence in my previous visit. Hence, I wanted to explore something offbeat, which landed me at this castle perched on the edge of Adriatic sea. The location in itself is picturesque, but the castle and its surrounding park are no less charming. You can get inside the castle too! There was a long queue when I visited, so I opted out of it. However, I have no regrets about that because the vicinity of the park more than made up for what I may have missed inside.

There are benches laid out at various points in the park, where you can sit and enjoy magnificent views of the castle and the sea. The entire park takes around an hour to cover on foot.

Other attractions around the park include a smaller cattle, a quaint cafe, a walking path which leads you further closer to the sea, a house ( which is currently uninhabited, but worth a look-see) and several other picture worthy spots. After exploring it all on foot, I picked a spot to sit and read for a while (pictures of this reading spot will be uploaded on my FB and Insta stories). I left feeling completely content at having added another remarkable place to my travel tales. I’d definitely recommend giving this seashore palace a visit to all those visiting Italy!

Pro tip : Use the Trenitalia app to check the to and fro train timings before leaving and if possible pre book the tickets beforehand. Not all trains halt at Miramare Station so you might have to go to Trieste Centrale and take a returning train to get down at Miramare,which would unnecessarily add 45 minutes to your journey. Also, for the route from the station to the Palace, try not to follow the Google map way as it is quite confusing and you may end up feeling lost. The best way is to ask someone or to follow the other travellers.

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