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The Best Energy Drinks To Recharge and Refresh Yourself This Summer

‘Bahut stress le liya yaar, I need a break!!’ sounds familiar? An energy drink isn’t usually our first choice when taking breaks from work or study. Most of us would opt for a tea or coffee over any kind of energy drink to relax the stress levels and recharge our body before getting back to the grind. Every professional or student, who is working or studying, takes at least 3 to 6 breaks in a day’s schedule and goes for a cup of tea or coffee or a fag. However, it has been proven time and again that caffeine, as well as nicotine, are not ideal for our health. So, why not replace these products completely? Switching over to an energy drink would serve a double purpose after all.

It will fulfill the recharge and relax goal that your body and mind needs, alongside also ensuring that your health is least affected. Need to make that switch from today itself? Then we have a list of top energy drink you can choose from!


1. Gatorade

Think of any sports personality having a drink and their image with a bottle of Gatorade drink comes in mind. It is the face of India’s top athletes. A variety of flavors like blue bolt, orange, lemon and many others are available in this popular energy drink to choose from. Powered by electrolytes, carbohydrates, and minerals this is a go-to for getting rid of the exhaustion. The no caffeine and no added preservatives which makes it a top healthy alternative.



gatorade energy drink, energy drink
Medical News Today


2. Amino Energy

Composed of caffeine, essential amino acids such as taurine, arginine and alanine and containing zero sugar, this energy drink is available in a range of flavors such as tangy orange, mango, orange, strawberry kiwi and blue raspberry. Originally based in the USA, the company now ships products to over 70 countries worldwide.


Optimum-Nutrition-Amino-Energy Drink, energy drink
Elite Nutritional Products


3. Poshn

The name of this energy drink in itself points to its ‘poshn’ levels, which means nutrition in Hindi. Coined alongside the English word ‘potion’ with the Hindi word ‘Poshn’ meaning nutrition, this energy drink is delicately mixed to give us a functional superjuice. This functional superjuice is an all natural concoction of fruits and herbs. It has no added sugar content.

The tropical blend of fruits contained in each of its variants gives the freshness we’re looking for during a work or study break. Each variant also contains an infusion of green tea and ginseng which will help awaken our dormant, tired and stressed body as well as the mind. For those with a busy schedule and in need of a remedy for their fatigue and lack of sleep, Poshn is a healthy alternative.

The unique high-pressure pasteurization process kills all the bacterial activity and helps keeps the content of this energy drink fresh without the use of much preservatives. It has two variants, one recharges you and the other one refreshes it.


poshn energy drink, energy drink


4. Crunk

An energy drink flavored with almost everyone’s favorite fruits like pomegranate, orange, mango and grapes, this one would be preferred choice for many. It also contains corn syrup, Vitamin B and some blend of herbs like Epimedium, Skullcap, Guarana and Ginseng, making it a healthy choice for an energy drink. It is available in five variants and can easily be bought online.


crunk energy drink, energy drink


5. Café Cuba

For those unwilling or finding it difficult to give up on the caffeine kick, this one would be the perfect energy drink, as it is a carbonated coffee-based energy drink. Appealing largely to the youth, the drink targets the rebels and the revolutionists with its “Coffee Revolution” tagline and promotion as a symbol of the youth revolution.


cafe cuba energy drink, energy drink
Parle Agro


These energy drinks are a fine way to quit your cigarette, tea, or coffee addiction. Especially the ones which are all natural can help you in creating a healthy life too. So, which one will be your pick? Why don’t you share your thoughts with us in the comments?

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