Travel Tales

A Ferry Ride Through The Dutch Port City

In focus for today’s #TravelerTuesday is Erasmusbrug at Rotterdam, Netherlands.


One of the first things that comes up on Google when you search for Rotterdam is this landmark Bridge, which has now become very much the identity of this port city. There were two things I wanted to do while in Rotterdam, one was to walk or drive through this bridge and second was to visit the famous Port of Rotterdam. I could see the mammoth ships from afar through my hotel room every day and wondered how I could get up close to them and see them in all their grandeur. I got to see both the city landmarks through the ferry ride provided by Spido Rotterdam. The ride takes you across the waters, from below the Erasmus bridge, via major landmarks and then also into the harbour, where you can see all the ships. The tour lasts for 75 minutes within which you get to witness the impressive Rotterdam skyline with its imposing buildings and then get a unique view of the harbours shipyards. All this alongside a running commentary and clear descriptions of everything you see (available in Dutch, French and English) and you combine it with some food and beverages available on board (not included in the price of the ticket). You can enjoy the tour in the glass cabinet at the ground floor of the ship or on the open deck at the top. I did the first fifteen minutes below and then decided to get the other experience too,so went to the open deck to get unhindered views. Getting to know the history behind each passing by structure definitively made the experience more memorable. I’d highly recommend taking this harbour tour for getting to know the city better and of course this is probably the only way you’ll get so close to the ships and the harbour, so why not take the opportunity?

This photo was taken at the end of the tour and I was so thrilled at the experience and to get captured with the bridge which pretty much explains the huge smile. 😎😆

P. S: More photos and videos of the tour in Insta and FB stories today and tomorrow.

Pro tip: Both the upper and lower deck are quite comfy, but if it’s windy, you should stay below!

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