These Funny WiFi Names Are Extremely Creative!

There would be very few places in the world which do not have WiFi or internet connection. Some of them have funny WiFi names too. Whenever we’re at a new place, we look for WiFi availability right away. It is when going through the list of available networks some of the funny WiFi names show up. Needless to say, they leave us in splits and in admiration for the one who created it. Do you want to give a cool and funny name to your home or work WiFi too? Then these funny WiFi names might just be the inspiration you need.

1. Get Your Own WiFi

Serves you right for trying to get a free ride.



2. It Hurts When IP

Is that the new way of peeing? Attending the nature’s call virtually?




3. Mom, Click Here for Internet

Because our moms can never figure out which WiFi is ours and how to connect to it.



4. Not the WiFi You’re Looking For

When you’re looking for unsecured WiFi connections, this would be apt and helpful. Also, I hear the Star War fans going ‘aaaaahhh’.



5. Alohomora

The Harry Potter fans are freaking out. I can hear them cheering!



6. A LANnister Always Surfs The Net/ The LANnisters Send Their Regards

Here’s one for the Game of Thrones fans too. If you try to use free WiFi then Lannisters will send you their regards.



7. Router? I Hardly Knew Her

Haha! My sympathies to this one. Maybe get to know her next time?



8. 404 Network Unavailable

Very apt and witty, what say?



9. We Can Hear You Having Sex

If you find this name then there is a chance that your neighbors are complaining about the thin walls between the houses. Also, maybe it is a plea to keep it down!



Aren’t these names simply too funny? Which one tickled your funny bone? What will you be naming your WiFi? Do you any more funny WiFi names to add to this list?  Tell us in the comments.

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