Doing What You Like Is Never Tiring ~ A YouTuber & Fashion Brand Owner Shares Her Story

Kate Winslet says,

“Mothers who work full time – they’re the real heroes”


and we couldn’t agree more. Most of us have seen our mothers juggling between responsibilities of the home and those of outside the home. In our #FridayFeature today we present one of our #WonderWomen who is not into one or two, but three varied professions, besides also being a full-time mother to twins. Meet, YouTuber, Educator and Clothing & Jewellery Brand Owner, Dhara Manish Popat.


How does she manage so many things and where did it all begin? Let’s find out in her own words.


“Does life change for a woman after marriage? Yes, it surely does, but for me, luckily, that change was a positive one. The teaching profession and the teachers who taught me in my school as well as my degree college, always fascinated me. However, I did not intend to become one myself.

My goal was to complete BBA with a good score and then get into HR or Banking sector. But life doesn’t always go as planned, does it? Right before my last paper during final year I fell so terribly ill that I had to be hospitalized and could not appear for the examination even with a writer to provide some aid. Hence, I ended up losing a year in my education despite being prepared. During this one year unplanned break I plunged into teaching by joining my alma mater as a drawing teacher and by taking tuition classes at home. The school teaching journey came to a stop once I moved to Mumbai after my marriage but the tuition teaching journey continues even today.

After marriage, motherhood was the next stage in life. Having twins meant my mind and body was completely occupied in taking care of them as well as the household chores. I had to be extra attentive towards their care because they were born prematurely. Once they were 9 months old and healthy enough for me to feel less worried about them, I joined hands with my younger sister who was already running Dhunn – Passion For Fashion solely. She motivated me to become a part of the online jewellery and clothing brand. Today we have been running it successfully, and together, since the past 3 years.

The idea for my YouTube channel All About Read Alouds came quite spontaneously when I started reading out story books to my own kids. I thought there must be many women like me who’d be struggling to make time for their kids to teach them valuable life lessons through such stories. Parenting in today’s day and age is a constant struggle about time and in the little time we get with our kids, we might not always be able to tell them stories. Hence, I thought of contributing in my own little way to help out all working moms out there.

I’m growing and developing slowly and steadily in all my professions and I’m happy with the way things are going ahead. I draw my motivation from my parents, husband and sister who always push me to achieve what I want to. I also get inspired by mompreneurs who are doing way more and better than I am. This combination of known and unknown people drives me to give my 100 percent till I reach my goal in every task at hand.

The struggles are quite a few, as managing three professions along with two kids and the everyday household chores is quite challenging as well as tiring. But, I take up each task with enthusiasm and keep reminding myself that I’m blessed enough to be able to do things that I like. And, at the end of the day, that thought, about doing something I like, is what gives a good night’s sleep more than anything else.

My biggest learning in life has been to keep going ahead no matter what hurdles you pass through because if you are confident enough in what you do, you will succeed one day.

The journey so far has been a roller coaster, but I love such thrilling rides, so it’s all been good and, in my favour, as I have enjoyed it all, be it the ups or downs.

The aim is to keep moving and getting better in what I’m currently doing. However, the long term future plan is to open my own day-care centre wherein I can inculcate teaching habits in children as well as in parents.

Also, I want to take this opportunity to give a huge shoutout to all women out there, who are giving it their all, despite the many responsivities and challenges. Remember that you all are precious, and you are all giving your 100 percent so never lose hope.



You can follow her professional works as a YouTuber and as Brand owner on her social media handles below:

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