A Public Art Installation That Looks Like A Jewellery Piece

Yet another public art installation for today’s #TravelerTuesday with The Lost Pearl at Het Park in Rotterdam, Netherlands.


I was visiting the neighbouring, more touristy attraction Euromast when I first ended up in the Het Park. It being a cloudy and rainy day, the people at Euromast said it wasn’t an ideal day to get the best view of the city from the top of the tower. So, I decided to give it a pass for that day and come back the next day. While making my way back to the tram stop all dejected, I decided to at least explore the surrounding vicinity and that’s how I came to be in one of the most beautiful parks in the city. I spent a good two hours walking around the little streams, across the bridges and amidst the lush green trees, umbrella in hand, while I explored the park on foot and enjoyed the views while also taking time to observe the little ducks, swans and other various types of bird floating around in the streams. Right in the middle of the park, I came across this pearl shaped structure, which intrigued me. Though I couldn’t capture it well on that rainy day, I came back to the park again the next after checking off my Euromast tour and captured this installation in full sunlight. What amazed me about this structure is how, from afar, it looks like a pearl necklace! Right beside the circular necklace type structure, is an oyster with a single pearl, maybe indicating that the pearls in the necklace came from similar sources. Designed by Madeleine Berkhemer, this is yet another one of those art installations across the city which you must add to your list when visiting Rotterdam, especially if you’re into art and architecture. Also, it won’t be much out of the way either, because Euromast would definitely be in your on to-do lists, so why not cover the beautiful park and this intriguing piece of art while visiting Euromast?

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