These Neha Kakkar Songs Are The Perfect For Your Every Mood

It would be no surprise if a Google search on ‘Bollywood songs’ will show up a list of Neha Kakkar songs. This is because the name Neha Kakkar has becomes synonymous with Bollywood and Hindi music. Any latest song, be it a party song or a romantic song, is highly likely to have Neha Kakkar’s name and voice behind it. Also, you can be pretty sure that the song would be a blockbuster and topping the charts within just a few days and would retain the spot for quite long. So, if music is your go-to for everything, these Neha Kakkar songs would surely entice you.


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We’re here to help you add some of her best ones to your musical needs. We’re ready to bet you anything that these Neha Kakkar songs will become your all time favorites pretty soon!


1. Naina

Though not a part of the movie, this version by Neha Kakkar is probably more popular than the original one used in Dangal. Her soulful voice somehow makes the already beautiful lyrics more meaningful.


2. Akhiyan (Unplugged)

The creative brother-sister duo of Neha and Tony Kakkar gave us one of the most meaningful and melodious songs with this one. Akhiyan should definitely be in your Neha Kakkar songs list.



3. Rain Mashup

Rains and monsoons hold a special place in the hearts of music lovers. This is one of those Neha Kakkar songs which will make the rains even more beautiful and special. Its a mashup of all our favorite rain songs from Bollywood, made all the more melodious by Neha’s voice.



4. Kala Chasma

If the search is on for party songs, this one would be among the top 5 for sure! From young to old, this tune is loved by all.


5. Manali Trance

Our favorite hill station in the Himachal became a lot more popular after this. Whether in Manali or not, while dancing or chilling with friends, one of us is sure to demand or play this one from the Neha Kakkar songs.



6. Dil Diyan Gallan

When it comes to male singers, Atif’s Aslam’s name immediately pops to mind. So when he does a duet with Neha, that too in a lover concert. we get another one worthy to be added to our list of Neha Kakkar songs.



7. Sunny Sunny

This became an instant hit among the Goa lovers and still continues to be a favorite one in the list of Neha Kakkar songs which are have increased double fold since this song came out back in 2013.



8. Kar Gayi Chull

The list would be incomplete if we didn’t add this one to it, don’t you think? It defined every girl who is a free spirit and party lover and if you’re that, it should definitely be on your playlist.


Which one out of the Neha Kakkar songs suggested by us is your favorite? Did your favorite not make it to the our recommended list? We’d love to know about it in our comments. Here’s another one we recommend as the best romantic songs of Bollywood! Let the music rule your hearts.

(as published on TopYaps)

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