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Self-Belief & Motivation Are Key ~ A Food Stylist, Confectioner & Gift Designer Shares Her Story

Ralph Marston says,

“Effort is never wasted, even when it leads to disappointing results. For it always makes you stronger, more capable and more experienced.”

In our today’s #FridayFeature on #WonderWomen we talk about the efforts of a woman who didn’t give up despite not being appreciated.
Meet, Food Stylist, Confectioner and Gift Designer- Tanvi Vivian Britto
What made her such a juggler and how does she manage it all? Let’s find out what her story is, in her own words.



All the professional caps that I wear, require me to be in my most comfortable zone, which is my HOME. Hence, over and above any other tag, I take pride in being labelled by a profession which enters any woman’s CV by default, which is a HOMEMAKER! Over the years I have acquired a few skills purely out of my Interest, passion & some great professional assistance. It took a while, but I have now successfully channelized these skills it into money-making sources as well. Each of my professions occurred chronologically in my life and are basically interconnected wherein the 1st thing lead to the 2nd and the 2nd thing lead to the 3rd. Making things look more appealing or eye-catching was always my hobby. Hence, I thought of taking it up professionally as well. This interest helped me pick courses and workshops that lead to a beautiful outcome in the form of lovely desserts, gorgeous gift hampers and exquisitely presented food. However, once I had picked up these skills, with the enthusiasm of a Child who had just learnt to walk, I drove into professional Baking+Confectionery and Gift Designing by taking the wrong lane and direction. The people I was targeting with my up-skilled professional choices, were sadly misinterpreted.
 No offence, but the audience that I was trying to capture were the kind of individuals who’d be well satisfied with the quality and taste that a Monginis cake would provide as against the Taj kind of quality and ingredients which I use for my desserts or for that matter even Gift Designing. The biggest barrier with such a target audience was to convince them to pay a little more than usual as I had to at least recover the cost of my raw materials, even though in most cases I had to forgo the cost of my labour and efforts. Even this turned out to be extremely difficult because not everyone is willing to spend more than necessary for a particular product or service. I got the first-hand experience of the typical psychology being- “Jab tak free hai tab tak sab acha hai, agar pay karna pade toh start counting faults”. Another challenge I faced besides this was that of social media outcome.
In this time of digital presence of products and services, a lot of people, though they genuinely might even like what you have presented and posted, only a few will acknowledge and appreciate the efforts. I was foolish and naïve to let things like number of followers, likes and comments, be the deciding factors for my hard work; because whatever the kind of work we do, at the end of the day, we do draw motivation through the appreciation from others, specially the near & dear ones. People did like the way I introduced beauty and taste in my food and bakes, but out of 100% I would say only 10% appreciated and acknowledged it. This kind of negativity, or rather the absence of positivity lead to my personal and emotional downfall. Due to the misrepresented target audience and the lack of positive response on social media, I failed to identify and satisfy the needs of the selected 10% who were actually appreciating & understanding my work and I ended up concentrating and trying to impress the 90% who did not bother how good or bad my work was and probably were not even my target audience at that point of time. Hence, I lost a lot of my time, energy and peace of mind on people who don’t appreciate or understand the kind of work and profession I’m into. I have come across people who have shown me the mirror and questioned my self worth brutally. Despite that, I’m thankful for such harsh experiences and grateful to such rude people, because it is through these experiences that I have gathered courage, stepped into my skill zone again and managed to bounce back in a better way. I have now started to concentrate on the positivity from the 10% of people who have been kind enough to appreciate my work and have been kind enough to suggest improvements in my work. My biggest motivation in my personal and professional journey so far has been my husband- Vivian Britto. Being into employment most of his life, he insisted that I work for myself through some or the other business rather than working for someone else’s dream. It is because of him that I was able to invest (monetarily and emotionally) a good amount in nurturing my Baking, Designing & Styling skills professionally. Even in times of distress, he was and still is, my ‘Go-to’ person for any kind of help, support and guidance. The journey so far has been a roller-coaster, which I now intend to stabilize by putting in my mind, heart and soul. The current plans are to work on mind stability and to train it to accept the positivity and convert it into better and better work each passing day. And the future plans are to expand my horizons and reach out ‘effectively’ and ‘in time’ to the appropriate target audience through my Confectionery, Gift Designing and Food Styling. However, my ultimate Goal is to share my experiences and mistakes, by suggesting and motivating people like me to not give up on themselves or on their passion. My biggest learning from life so far has been to never doubt one’s capabilities. If nobody else appreciates your efforts, just give yourself a pat on the back for motivation and MOVE ON, tell yourself “You’ve come this far, don’t give up now”, and continue moving ahead with your head held high. The people who ask you to mellow down or dim your brightness just because they can’t see through it, just humbly fold your hands in front of them and ask them to grab a pair of Sunglasses so that they are not affected by your Bright & Shining Aura!!


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