Here Are Signs That Show You Love Yourself The Most

“If you don’t love yourself, nobody else will.”  I am a true believer in this and follow it like a life mantra. And, why shouldn’t you as well? It’s a sign of a confident and self-assured person. Life is so much better when you don’t need someone to compliment you or tell you how awesome you are.

Today, we look at some signs which prove that you consider yourself a priority and are totally in love with your high and mighty self.

1. You respond to a compliment with an “I know” rather than a “Thank you”.

A normal person would smile and say ‘Thank you’ when told that they look good or they did a great job. But you can’t be that cliched, right? You know you look good and you always do a great job so why acknowledge the compliment, saying ‘I know’ is more honest.

Loving self the most


2. The first thing you look for in a room is a mirror.

‘Cause you just can’t keep your eyes away from yourself. There is a constant need to admire and adore yourself by looking in the mirror for hours.

Loving self


3. No group outing is complete without at least one solo pic of yours

Haha! True, right? And if people make a face or complain about it, you take a selfie. Who needs them? Ha!

Loving self


4. You never miss a chance to admire yourself in the mirror, on the computer screen or on the mobile screen.

Before activating the phone or before turning on the laptop, you look at yourself adoringly in the black screen while waiting to start it for the actual work at hand. (Oh! Don’t I look great!!)

Loving self


5. Your social media and WhatsApp display pics are usually solo pics.

You have endless photographs of yourself in your phone and on any other device and you make ample use of these by using them as your WhatsApp and Facebook profile pics. And these pics are most likely to be your solo pics rather than a group pic, because nobody is good enough to share that space with you. Once in a while you do upload pics with others, but these are limited to occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

Loving self

6. You can spend hours talking about yourself.

The question “Tell me something about yourself” makes most people nervous but you love it! You love talking about yourself, your achievements and how awesome you are. You can actually spend hours talking on this subject before someone asks you to stop.

Loving self


7. Adjectives like snob, conceited, arrogant, self-centered, selfish, etc are often used to describe you.

People often call you selfish or self centered because of your priorities. They might even say you are a snob or an arrogant person. What’s more, deep down you know it’s true, but who cares?

Loving self


8. When someone says “I love you” or “I like you” your replies vary from from “Of course” to “I love or like myself too”.

You find it difficult to love someone more than yourself and hence when someone confesses their love to you, it is not a revelation but like stating an obvious fact. Hence your responses are sentences like “Of course” or “I love me too”.

Loving self


9. You are a priority to yourself and pamper yourself the most.

You do things only for the close ones. You won’t even think twice before saying ‘No’ if you don’t care about that person. You do things only for your satisfaction and happiness. You even love pampering yourself by self indulgence like shopping every now and then, going for a spa, buying presents for yourself, etc.

Loving self


10. You hardly care what others think of you or whether they agree with you.

As you are so in love with yourself, you never bother about petty things like asking someone’s opinion, or caring about what others think of you. You don’t even feel angry or upset when someone doesn’t agree with you. You’ll either think they’re stupid or just feel sorry for them.

Loving self

If you nodded your head on all or most of the points, then you are definitely a self satisfied soul. Pat yourself on the back! (I’m guessing you already do that a lot anyway.) W0ohoo!!

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