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The Perks of Being A Jamai Raja (especially in India)

The wedding season is on in full swing. And most of us give our attention to the all the brides, what with her looking like the most wonderful creation of God on her wedding day. From her lehenga to her make upto the jewellery she wears on her big day, all eyes wait for her entry and then stay there throughout the entire function.

But, in all this, there are also eyes on the other side of the mandap, where the groom is!! These belong to the family and friends of the bride, who might be seeing HIM for the first time. I do believe that the groom gets somehow sidelined. Not always though, is it? Our entire marriage institution stands on the base of the son-in-law being considered as mightier than thou, and feeding the male ego. From the moment he becomes the “jamai” he becomes the apple of the eye of the entire family of the bride. Be it the seniormost or the juniormost member of the dulhan’s family, jamai raja becomes the top priority on their lists. Today, let’s look at some of the perks an Indian son-in-law i.e. the coveted jamai raja gets, once he becomes the “groom-to-be”.


1. Treated like a king

All your in-laws will treat you like you are the PM of India or the President of the United States. They’ll hang on to every word you say, every move you make and even be inspired by you! Your choices and opinions will become the epitome of every decision they make from now on.

Jamai Raja


2. Chance to get a second family (may be even a better one)

Your in-laws will become your new family as one of them is gonna be a major part of your life from now on. And you’ll soon come to realize that they treat you better than your own family, so yeah, maybe you find a better one as well.

Jamai Raja


3. So many saalis to flirt with

After all “Saali toh aadhi gharwaali hoti hai”, right? This one actually tops the list for most grooms, and they do flirt with their sisters-in-law under the pretext of the afore mentioned cliche. There’s no guilt involved here either because, let’s face it, who wouldn’t flirt when there are so many females doting on them?

Jamai Raja


4. Someone to seek advice or help

As it is, we Indians have an opinion on anything and everything. Muft ki salah (free advice) is our favorite hobby. Sometimes it doesn’t hurt asking for advice though, especially seasoned people in the institute of marriage, or when you need help with your funds and savings. They’d be happy to help their jamai raja without batting an eyelash.

Jamai Raja


5. All attention and eyes on you

It is said that girls crave attention and I have to admit that it’s not entirely false. But it is also true that guys love getting attention too, though it might not be equal. And you’ll be sure to get a lot of it once you become the jamai raja as your in-laws will crave your approval and opinion on literally everything. Not to mention that they will do everything in their power to keep you happy and satisfied, be it making your favorite food to making sure you get the best treatment at every place you visit.

Jamai Raja


6. The endless gifts and cash

We’re Indians, till the time we die, our parents and all our elders are going to think of us as children, irrespective of whether we’re 20 or 40. And jamai raja falls under a special category of children for the elders. As they say, “Humare bete jaise ho tum toh”. So every time you visit them, they’ll shower you with either gifts or cash. Not to mention, the gifts and cash that your family members and relatives are given too.

Jamai Raja


7. Your wish is their command

Your in-laws will not allow you to even get up for a glass of water. Everything you require will appear magically at your feet (quite literally). It’s like you’re Aladdin and they are you genies.

Wishes will be fulfilled even before you voice them. Quite the royal life, huh?

Jamai Raja


There are many other perks involved too, like getting readymade caretakers for your kids (way into the future, but they’d never say ‘No’ to that!!!), being the chief guest at almost every family function, being taken care of like a baby yourself, and so on and so forth. No wonder, most girls wish they were born a guy in this country, right? So, go find yourself the perfect girl this season and get ready to live life king-like if not king size.

(as published on TopYaps)

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