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Is Your Status ‘Single & Ready To Mingle’?Then Take A Look At These Single Life Perks Before Taking The Plunge!

With the onset of the wedding season, it is time for us singles to be bombarded with questions again the like: “Beta tum kab shaadi kar rahe ho?”, “Koi mila ya nahi?” “Ab aur kitna kamana hai?Grr!”

And every time you open Facebook, be sure that your newsfeed will be splashed with cuddly couples in different poses (and sometimes, annoyingly, the same poses, just with a change of expression). But the wedding season also brings in new sets of singles each time!! And not surprisingly, this breed is increasing in leaps and bounds!!

Seriously though, why is it so? Why are more and more people opting to stay single rather than mingle with their one and only or anybody? If you are wondering, then probably you’re happily married and if you are nodding your head, then as the cliche goes: “join-the-club”. Today, let’s have a look at some of these reasons and understand why the young generation is moving towards singlehood.


1. Not made for each other

It’s not that we don’t believe in love. Even our hearts melt (at times) at the sight of romantic couples (not that we have a choice, remember the FB newsfeed?). But it’s just that we are not able to find that one right person we would like to think of as ‘made for us’. You might have found yours (way to go buddy) and maybe you are very happy, but we are still searching. In the meanwhile, we do need to do some trying out before figuring out.

Single vs mingle


2. Forever never

With the increasing number of singles, there is also a rise in the number of breakups and divorces. All this negativity doesn’t help our case now, does it? If someone close to us has broken up or gotten divorced, it really makes us never want to have a boyfriend or girlfriend or never marry. It makes us question things like ‘happily ever after’ and ‘always and forever’.

Being single


3. I love my freedom

We have seen enough number of people not being able to work, not being able to give time to their friends, not pursuing their dreams and what not!! And we are just not ready to give it all up for just one person (or his family). We love our life and the freedom to do what we want.

Being single


4. Too much drama

Though you might be deeply in love with your boy-/girl-friend or fiance or spouse and you might be giving them a lot of space, at least one of you would be the kind who doesn’t like sharing with anyone and every time you step just a little out of line, there’s the usual drama of arguments, tempers rising, not talking to each other, manaofying each other and everything that comes with being in a serious relationship or a commitment. We just don’t want that unnecessary drama along with the already badgering questions from our family and relatives (Beta shaadi kab karogi?)

Being single


5. Don’t want to compromise

Agreed that some of you might have been lucky enough to get a partner who supports your every decision whole heartedly. But, we have seen many cases where people had to give up their dreams and careers. Not to mention the little sacrifices that we are expected to make everyday, from waking up early to cooking the meals (breakfast and lunch) before leaving for work, and leaving early (earlier than everyone else) from work just to get home in time to cook the dinner. This is just for women I believe though. Men have to make adjustments too, balancing between the wife and the mother, making sure they don’t cut out each other’s throats and what not.

Single vs mingle


6. The burning (hole in the) pocket

When you are single, you pay only for yourself. But this changes the minute you are in a relationship. Everything comes in a package!! And gone are the days when men used to pay for the dates or anything else for that matter. All expenses have to be divided, be it as small as the lunch or dinner dates or as big as investing in properties.

Single vs mingle


7. No attachments

Everywhere you go, every party or event you’re invited to, it’s always +1. Doesn’t that bother you? Even the attachment of the emotional baggage – why this? Why not that? Let’s do this together, blah blah. Seriously, we like being just 1 and not +1. There are always chances of getting +1 after or during the party this way.

Single vs mingle


8. Flirt freely

Remember that time when you came across a cute guy or a pretty girl at a party and wanted so much to ask for his or her number, but had to hold back just because – Damn! You’re in a relationship!! Or you have to think twice before complimenting a person of the opposite sex, because it feels like cheating. Yeah, we don’t like that.

Single vs mingle


9. Afraid of commitments

Seriously? Who wouldn’t be when all we hear around us are people complaining about their BF or GF, husband or wife. If not complaining then crying over their break-ups. No, sorry! We don’t want that. Thank you!

Single vs mingle


10. Career focused

Gone are the days when a future only meant a husband and children for a girl. We walk shoulder to shoulder and most of us have even left men far behind. Why would we want to give that up? That too for a life of sitting at home and taking care of the children. Even the men have to give up their careers for their families sometimes. And honestly, we earn well! It hurts! And yes, it will make us bitter if you force us out of it. So, yeah, we prefer our careers over marriage!!

Single vs mingle


11. Eat, drink, sleep, do whatever you want and like

I don’t have to worry about what my husband or BF would think. Whether it be that short skirt that reveals too much skin, or being too friendly with a guy, or when to get up, what to eat, whether I drink or not. It might be bad for us, and sometimes we are even aware of it, but we like being the judge of that ourselves. So, thanks.

Single vs mingle


12. Ek se mera kya hoga?

Hehe. I know you smiled at that? Didn’t you? Okay, I am not saying we go around sleeping with every person we come across. But there’s nothing wrong with flirting and dating, is there? Variety is the spice of life, after all, isn’t it? Even the thought of being with only one person for an eternity, bores us!

Single vs mingle


13. Prefer friends over boyfriend or girlfriend

Yes, you got that right! We have some great friends and we have the best of times with them. Who says you need a lover to support your emotional needs? Blah! And some of us are even lucky to have friends who sail in the same boat as us, and that makes us think: the more the merrier! Life is one big party with such friends around us.

Single vs mingle


14. Love self more than thyself

Yes, we are obnoxious and narcissistic, selfish and self centred. And it would be almost impossible for us to love someone more than ourselves. So, we save ourselves from dividing the love we think we deserve best from ourselves.

Single vs mingle


15. The people we like are either married or fictional

Our perfect guys and girls exist only in books, movies and sitcoms – #sigh! And the ones that we do like in real life, turn out to be married or engaged or in a relationship. What are we singles to do? Everyone else we come across pales in comparison to our true loves. Better heartbroken and single than with the wrong person (or may be a variety of people), right?

Single vs mingle


Hence, you see, the perks of being single are many and varied, whether you are a guy or a girl. And with the prices only going higher and higher (what with all the various taxes as well), it’s a miracle we can afford our own self, let alone an extra person. Phew! We’re glad to be single. And how!

(as published on TopYaps)

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