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A Public Installation For Lovers of Architecture & Creativity

In today’s #TravelerTuesday we’ll look at a unique public place sculpture through The Elastic Perspective

While staying in the architecturally rich city of Rotterdam (Netherlands), I had ample of eye candy public art installations that I came by during my everyday outings in the city. This made me wonder whether there were others outside the vicinity where I was putting up. Since I didn’t want to miss out any such unique sculptures, I did some digging around and found about The Elastic Perspective. So, what’s so unique about this structure? Designed by Netherlands based NEXT architects, this giant circular stair leads the visitor up to a height, allowing an unhindered view of the horizon and the nearby skyline of Rotterdam on one side, and a view of the CARNISSERA suburbs on the back. Barendrecht is a part of the thriving metropolis of Rotterdam, just a few minutes tram ride away from it all, and yet isolated from the noise and hustle of the city. Based on the principal of the Möbius strip, the continuous route of the stair is a delusion because that’s not so. You can go from the bottom to the top and come back the same way as opposed to the circular route which seems to be the plausible route. I went on a sunny but chilly day, so I could bask in the sunlight atop the stairs to avoid feeling cold. I enjoyed the beautiful view while waving to the passengers in the trams passing by every few minutes. After sitting there for about half an hour idling away, I stepped down and took a few photos to remember this one-of-a-kind structure forever. I then walked around the quiet neighbourhood to soak in more of the natural beauty before taking the walk back to the tram stop. It was all in all a fulfilling experience which satiated my creative as well as wandering needs.

Pro tip : There’s only one tram (number 25) to reach here, which you can catch from Rotterdam Central Station. The Google route will tell you to get down at Meerwede but I’d suggest getting down at Vrijenburg because The Elastic Perspective is closer from Vrijenburg tram stop (3 minutes walking) than from Meerwede tram stop (12 minutes walking). However, while returning I caught the tram from Meerwede, which gave me the chance to explore the area and take in the quite and picturesque neighbourhood.

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