Things You Will Find In A Girl’s Handbag

All men wonder about the contents of women’s bag, and also about how so much can be fitted into such a miniscule looking thing. We women consider our bags as our carry around home (you never know what situation we might land up in). It’s our travel bag + make up kit + resource kit and what not! You name it, you think it, and we might just have that thing in our bag.

Though a girl will freak out if you ever touch her bag without her permission, today is your lucky day!! Let’s peek a boo into a girl’s bag. Here are some things which you would definitely find in there, irrespective of her age, profession, or location.

1. A wallet

Unlike boys, we don’t carry our wallets in our pockets, We have our bags for that. And we can write an entirely different article on things you’ll find here, so let’s not go there.

Girl's bag

2. Hairbrush, clips and bands

We love our hair!! Get used to our obsession over it. And a hairbrush is an important asset to maintaining one of our prized possessions. So, yes, you will invariably find a hairbrush/comb in a girl’s bag. And the clips and bands in case we feel like tying up our hair. Our moods keep changing that way.

Girl's bag

3. Sanitary pad

And I don’t mean only those 5 days of the actual period! We carry it almost always, thinking that someone else might need it. Yes, we do look out for each other, against popular belief.

Girl's bag

4. Deodorant or perfume

You wonder why we smell so good? This is why!! It’s not that we don’t sweat (in my case, I sweat like a pig), it’s just that we have this with us all the time. Hence, whenever the perspiration beads start forming, this is our go-to!!

Girl's bag

5. Glares

Yes!! And it’s not only coz we want to be stylish, but who wants that scorching sun in their eyes!! With global warming touching it’s hilt, this one has becomes a necessity for us.

Girl's bag

6. Gloss or lipstick

We don’t all have Angelina Jolie’s pout that we can look good without any gloss or lipstick. Plus, dry lips are a big no for any girl. So, gloss and lipstick are a must have for any girl.

Girl's bag

7. Kajal or eye-liner

A kohl eyed girl is every guy’s picture perfect girl. And whatever brand we may be using, it doesn’t stay spick and span all day. So, the picture perfect girl needs to reapply it after few hours and she can’t do that without having the kajal and liner with her, can she now?

Girl's bag

8. Hand mirror

We can’t just blindly apply the lipstick and kajal, can we? Even Gandhari can’t do that. Irrespective of what they show in serials. (Plus they have some dozen make up artists at their disposal). So, yeah, a mirror is a must!!

Girl's bag

9. Snacks/chocolates/mints

Coz you can get hungry any time! And you might not necessarily have a general store around. Some of you have actually got rid of hunger pangs because of these, so better not be judgy.

And every girl loves chocolates. But mints and gums are for people like me, obsessed and worried about mouth odor. It’s a curse, really. *sigh*

Girl's bag

10. Compact or Rogue

I did mention that this is our make-up kit, didn’t I? So how can it be complete without these items?


11. Stole, dupatta, scarf or shawl

With the scorching and the blowing winds, this has become a must for every girl these days! And the stole is for people like me, who start feeling like they’re in Antarctica, a few minutes into an AC room, be it a movie hall or office.

Girl's bag


Now, if you think this is too much, you’re wrong. This is just the basic stuff. These bags sometimes are also our travelling bags on a 1-2 day trip or a night over. So it will involve a lot of other things like clothes, toothbrush, towel, etc. I know many of you wonder how we manage that in such a small space. Well, it’s like genie’s lamp.

Here’s hoping that next time you won’t:

1. Taunt a girl about her bag and the things she carries in it

2. Touch her bag without her permission

3. Ask a girl why she’s so attached to her bag

(as published on TopYaps)

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