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Why SHAREit Is The Easiest And Quickest Way To Share Files?

SHAREit app has been around since 2015 but not many know about it even now. How do you usually transfer data from one device to another? Your immediate thought must have been a USB. Maybe, the second thing that popped up in your mind is Bluetooth. But, let’s admit it, these take up a lot of time in transferring and there must have been several times when you gave up midway.

This problem was zeroed in on by the techies and hence SHAREit app was born. If you aren’t aware of it or well-versed with this app which is a great solution to your file transfer problems, we’re here to help and guide you through that today.


SHAREit app features, SHAREit app


The SHAREit app is currently available for Windows, Windows Phone, Android, Mac, and iOS operating systems. It allows users to transfer all type of files including images, videos, songs, and more via wireless tethering.

To make things easier for users, the SHAREit app is available in approximately 39 languages including English, Hindi, Arabic, and French. To begin with, both users, who wish to send as well as receive the file, must download and install SHAREit on both their respective devices.


Shareit-install-playstore,SHAREit app

If the transfer is to be done on a Windows computer device, users can go to the company’s official website and download the setup from there.

Once the downloading is done, you can choose the language and see various buttons for browsing the local storage on your device, sending files, receiving files and inviting people.


shareit send and receive,SHAREit app


Once you select either ‘send’ or ‘receive’ you will be asked to turn on the device’s Bluetooth and GPS. Out of these, turning on the Bluetooth is optional, but turning on GPS is a necessity. However, turning on both will help speed up the file transfer.

Post this, the user who wishes to send the files can browse through the storage on their device and select whichever file(s) they wish to share with the receiver. After selecting the files, both devices will then go on scanning mode, where the sender will then be prompted to select the receiver and then scan a temporary QR code to connect.


share it stats, SHAREit app


The transfer will start right away after this. The best part though is that, in case you forgot to add all files you intended to send, the sender can also select more files to add on to the transfer, while the transfer is still on If you’re still unclear, here’s a short video to help further on the what and how of SHAREit app :



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