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Beautify Your Home & Festive Decor With These Creative Rangoli Designs

Agreed that rangoli designs are one of those Diwali memories we associate the festival of lights with, but rangolis are about more than just one festival. For instance, Holi is a festival celebrated to depict the onset of spring. Spring brings with it a colorful blast of flowers and greenery all around. How better can this be depicted if not by the color palette that variousrangoli designs can provide? We celebrate Holi by splashing colors on each other’s faces, then why not splash some colors on the floor in the form too!

Are you looking for some creative inspiration or need some help with what rangoli design to pick for your holi celebrations? Then we have amassed the best rangoli designs to help you out! From simple to complex, these rangoli designs can be tried out by amateurs and pros alike.


1. Holi special

Since Holi is right around the corner, we thought of starting off with something current and relevant. We do make rangolis on other festivals besides Diwali too and this one of those rangoli designs which would be ideal for the upcoming Holi festival. So ahead and try this to add charm to your Holi decor.



2. Because floral can never be out of fashion

This is one of the best rangoli designs in the floral pattern I have come across. The plethora of colors and the white used over each of the colors makes this such an eye candy rangoli, doesn’t it?


3. Peacock

Because whatever we say, our National bird is a thing of beauty. So, when put in rangoli designs the results are always glorious. The Holi festival depicts onset of spring and probably no other animal or bird depicts colors in such a manner than the peacock. Hence, if the festival had to be represented by an animal, a peacock would be the best choice.



4. Kolam Freehand

Freehand designs seem to be the easiest but are actually the toughest when it comes to implementation. When done using just kolam it might feel like the results would be dull. However, the kolam rangoli designs can also turn out to be very attractive. Try out this one!


5. Using tools

Who said rangoli designs can only come out well with the mere use of hands and fingers? There are everyday tools which can help aid the outcome of a rangoli too! This design made by using baskets is proof that creativity is unbound.



6. Some more tools

If you thought that was amazing, we have another which one of these amazing rangoli designs which was made using spoon and pen. Prepare to be amazed!



7. Water Ganesha

The Gods do have superpowers but we can also give them some! This is another design which can be called truly innovative. I’m definitely trying this underwater Ganpati rangoli design next!



Do you have such rangoli designs of yours to share with us? Let us know in the comments! If you like, you may want to have a look at these DIY ideas too. 

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