These Funny Tinder Bios Will Make You Want To Swipe Right

Gone are the days of pick up lines at singles’ bars. Today, pick up lines are presented through dating apps like Tinder. Among the tough competition, it’s essential that you stand out. One of the best ways is by paying special focus on the bio. Believe it or not, the impact of funny Tinder bios is greater than anything else. Naturally, if you are just stepping in the world of online dating or want to spice up your game then we have some awesome inspirations for you.

Do not ask yourself how to create the funny Tinder bios. Take inspiration from these awesome creative ones! So, are you ready to explore?


tinder bio gif


1. This girl knows her priorities


Lauren Higgins@laurenhiggins_

My quarterly return to Tinder…… 🤷🏼‍♀️

Lauren Higgins-এর অন্য টুইটগুলি দেখুন


2. Taking the ‘lit’ quite literally

Tinder India


Super Like diya

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3. He’s a tad better than Spiderman


Tinder India


You know where to hang this weekend.

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4. He knows his flaws and accepts them


honest tinder bio, funny tinder bios


5. Not a Grammar Nazi this one


honest tinder bio, funny tinder bios


6. Memes>boyfriend


Tinder India


It’s complicated 😬

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7. He decoded the X of the Math


Tinder India


Beyond X-pectations 👏

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8. Let’s break those traditions girl


honest tinder bio 3, funny tinder bios


9. Why nudes are always unsafe


honest tinder bio 4, funny tinder bios


10. Why are you On Tinder? This one knows!


honest tinder bio 5, funny tinder bios


If you are or were on Tinder, what does or would your bio say? Do you have such funny Tinder bios you may have come across? Share with us in the comments!

Before using such apps though, do be cautious and make sure to not become a victim like people in these dating horror stories. We also hope your date doesn’t turn out to be like these awkward Tinder dates.

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