Travel Tales

Bird’s Eye View of An Australian City

In today’s #TravelerTuesday we move towards the south-west of the Pacific ocean in Australia and at Sydney Tower Eye.


This photo was taken after a long, tiring and fulfilling day of exploring the city on foot. After completing an entire circle of the tower and taking in the breathtaking views of this scenic city through the naked eye and the binoculars provided at specific points, I just wanted to sit and enjoy the best view. There’s something about the setting sun and the majestic end of another day which never fails to bring upon me a certain calmness. Hence, pouncing upon the opportunity in a new land to witness the first sunset of the world on that particular day (because the day ends and begins first in Australia) I chose the most strategic location to enjoy the sunset and was able to capture this photo of the sun hiding between the clouds but still making its presence felt.

If in the city, I would highly recommend visiting the tower at this hour to enjoy the same beauty as I did.

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