Best Arijit Singh Songs To Match Your Every Mood

Bollywood music and songs have become synonymous with Arijit Singh songs and his voice from the past few years. Pick any new song and you’re likely to see Arijit Singh’s name in the ‘singer’ credits. For music lovers, Arijit Singh songs are a must on their Bollywood playlist. Hence, here are some of his popular songs that will win your heart. Amazing lyrics and melodious music, along with Arijit’s melodious voice makes these songs outstanding. After listening to them, you will agree too!


1. Laal Ishq

This is one of my top 5 favorites of Arijit Singh songs. The reason simply being his soulful voice which adds more charm to the beautiful lyrics. Who will not fall in love with the lines, “Ye kaali raat jakad lun
Ye thanda chand pakad lun”



2. Raabta

This was probably one of the very first Arijit Singh songs and it made a special place in the hearts of music lovers right away. In fact, it remains a favorite in romantic song lovers list even today.



3. Agar Tum Saath Ho

Alka Yagnik is a singing legend and when you pair her melodious voice with that of Arijit’s, the results are bound to be blockbuster.



4. Phir Mohabbat

Very few might know that this song marked Arijit’s foray into Bollywood. In case this song isn’t on your playlist, it will now have a permanent place there.



5. Jo Bheji Thi Dua

This song probably gained more popularity than the movie in which it was used. Hear it and you’ll know why it is one of the best Arijit Singh songs till date.



6. Aaj Phir

When we think of a sultry or seductive, this one from the Arijit Singh songs pops to our heads right away. In case you have forgotten why, have a look.



7. Safar

For travel lovers, this became an instant favorite. The lines “Safar ka hi tha mein, safar ka raha” resonated with all globetrotters like no other song ever had.



8. Tukur Tukur

If you thought Arijit’s voice isn’t versatile and that no good peppy songs can come through his voice, here is a reminder of the song which remains a favorite for party lovers and a top choice for wedding sangeet functions.



Did your favorite one from Arijit Singh songs made it to our list or we missed on adding it? Let us know in the comments!

Neha Kakkar is another one topping the Bollywood musical charts lately, so here’s a bonus list for all Bollywood music lovers! And here’s another for all those who love the rains. 

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