Travel Tales

A Peaceful Place by The Bay

Today’s #TravelerTuesday is dedicated to the Holy month of #Ramadan.


For this week’s travel tale I decided to focus on my home turf, Mumbai. When we think of landmark structures in the city of dreams, Haji Ali is sure to come up in our minds (probably right after Gateway of India). I’ve visited the shrine numerous times, but its beauty never fails to mesmerise me, whether it’s from near or far. Constructed afloat the Arabian sea, this is one of those buildings that add to the charm of the city. This photo was captured a few years back, when I visited the shrine with a few guests who’d come down to Mumbai for the first time (I make sure first time visitors get to see this beauty). I’d recommend going inside Haji Ali in the evening, a couple of hours before sunset. Once you’re done with prayers, you can (I’d say you must) walk down to the pebbled path behind the structure which takes one right into the sea (be careful though, as these stones are slippery and you should probably not go down at all if its a high tide). After this, walk out and come sit at the Worli sea face from where you can get an unhindered view of this dargah from afar. Why I suggested evening time is because along with this human marvel you can enjoy the natural beauty of the sea and the setting sun, which (at least in my opinion) is a one-of-a-kind view and experience. You are sure to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Though some may feel that the spot is overrated and touristy, I’d say Haji Ali is a must visit when you’re in The Maximum City.

Pro tip : The best way to get here is to get down at Mahalaxmi Station (on the western railway route) via the famous Mumbai locals and then walk it down from there. You could also take a bus (check the mindicator app for this) or cab from wherever you’re putting up.

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