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These Simple Mehndi Design Ideas Are Perfect For Any Occasion

In our country, mehndi marks happiness and onset of something auspicious. During festivals and events like weddings or karwa chauth celebrations, we’re constantly searching for a simple mehndi design or eye catching henna designs to be adorned on our hands and feet. Without this, somehow, the charm of the occasion isn’t complete. When people come and compliment our mehndi or say, “Kitna gehra rang chadha hai” it does make us blush and hence also makes the occasion extra special.

Is there a wedding coming up in the family or in your social circle? With the wedding season on and off during the entire year, having a few simple mehndi design in mind and in the stock for upcoming events will be very helpful. Hence, we have gathered a few of the most creative and eye catching ones for you!

For the love of garba

Navratri is one of the most awaited festivals of the year, irrespective of whether you’re a Gujarati or not. When the garba and dandiya fever is high, a simple mehndi design can turn it a notch higher and add to your charms as you deck up to dance into the night. Here’s a design to help!



Just like there are tricks to doing everything in an easier manner, this simple mehndi design has a hidden trick. Though we start with numerals, the outcome is quite ornamental!


Doli Saja Ke Rakhna

Our favorite wedding song is always gonna be “Mehndi laga ke rakhna”. Hence, a wedding without a mehndi is like chai without patti. Though not exactly a simple mehndi design, this will definitely a good choice if you future is ringing with wedding bells.



Tera chehra jab nazar aaye

Getting the bride and groom’s face etched in the shaadi waali mehndi or even for karwa chauth, is the new trend. Here’s one to help you get started. Get your beloved’s face tattooed on your arm, at least with temporary ink, if not a permanent one.


Arabic is always a go-to

When it comes to simple mehndi design, Arabic designs are the best, easiest and quickest. Here’s one to help out with the next occasion you might have coming up.


Jewels on the hand

Ornamental mehndi, be it a simple mehndi design or an intricate one, adds charm like no other henna design does. Hence, it’s little wonder that this video is one of the most watched ones on YouTube.


Padharo Maare Desh

Probably no other state is as ethnic as Rajasthan. So even simple mehndi design would become more eye catching when we add the Rajasthani ethnicity to it. Have a look at this simple mehndi design and you’ll immediately when to get this one for your next event.


Rakhi ke bandhan ko nibhana

The sibling bond is and will always be special and hence raksabandhan is one of the most popular festivals in India. Here is how you can show your love for your brother through this simple mehndi design.


So, which one of these simple mehndi design will you be applying on the next auspicious occasion? Do you have more such beautiful designs to add to our compilation? Then let us know in the comments!


Just like mehndi is an internal part of any social or religious occasion, rangoli designs too add a certain charm to such festivals and events. So, here’s some help with some rangoli design ideas too!

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