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When Family Support Lets You Grow Professionally ~ A Choreographer+Emcee+E-Retailer Shares Her Story

John Florio says,

“A good husband makes a good wife”.

The story of this week’s #WonderWomen in our #FridayFeature, teaches us just this; that having a successful marriage, depends on both the partners, equally. Against the belief that a woman’s life is over after her marriage, Mira Modi Desai a choreographer, e-retailer and an emcee, became successful in all these varied and creative professions, after she took her wedding vows. How did such a one-in-a-million thing happen though? Let’s hear it in her own words.



Dance like nobody’s watching? No way! I always wanted center stage, because dancing is the one thing, I’m absolutely confident about and in control of. Ever since childhood, dance was more than just a hobby. It was a go-to for everything and for every occasion. Whenever I was happy, I’d dance with joy and if ever I was at a low point in life, I’d dance to escape life and get my anguish out. Getting into it professionally, came in quite spontaneously. During a degree college event, I choreographed a dance number where I too was performing with some of my friends. The act garnered in compliments in huge numbers. It was this appreciation, more than the actual teaching of the dance, that made me think, “If I’m this good, why not teach dance for a living?” Being in a profession like this, especially as a girl, comes with its own set of pros and cons, especially more of cons. But I never let petty comments affect me because I had my family’s support through and through.
The only impediment, at that time in my career as a choreographer, was my back problem. The more physical and mental stress I put on myself, the more my back would ache. But that didn’t stop me and neither does it stop me now, because the emotional fulfilment and joy that dance gives me is nothing when compared to the physical pain of the backache.
After getting married, I thought I wouldn’t be able to manage both the household and my work. But my husband refused to let me, let go of the one thing that me made me most happy, which is my dance. Whether it’s my back problem or taking care of the household chores, my husband always figures a way out and that’s where I draw the most courage from. No matter what kind of work hours, or wherever my work takes me, my husband stands by my side, emotionally and sometimes, even physically.

Mira & her husband , Chinmay 

The challenges range far more than these though. I literally, have to be on my toes, in terms of dancing as well as thinking. For instance, I recall this event, where one of the performers could not make it to the ceremony. I refused to let this become a reason for spoiling an otherwise glitch-free event. So, I asked for a replacement and just ten minutes before the performance, taught him the steps backstage! It wasn’t great, but I followed through on “The show must go on”. I became an emcee quite unexpectedly too. I once had to host a family sangeet function because nobody else was up to it. On the very next day, I got a call from someone saying, “Hey, I saw you hosting the event yesterday and really liked your style. Would you be willing to host our event too?” And thus, the ball was set in motion. At social gatherings and events, my dressing style and the way I carried myself always drew compliments. On one such occasion, someone said, “Hey, I love your saree. Where did you buy it from? Can you get it for me too?” Surprisingly, I got the same kind of request from many people. Hence, the idea of getting into e-retailing was sown and took off. The kinds of compliments and messages of gratitude I receive after an event or when someone likes a piece of clothing, I have sold to them, are more encouraging than the monetary rewards that I draw. The one thing I learnt through my professional and personal life ups and downs is to never lose hope in any way; if we have courage and continue to persevere, we will get what we want ultimately, if not right away. Also, I’m proud to be the living embodiment and breaker of the myth that, ‘An Indian girl cannot work after marriage’. As of now, I’m enjoying being a multi-professional and a good wife! The way ahead? I’m not sure, but with my husband by my side, I’m sure of growth and prosperity, both professionally and personally.


You can follow her works, as an e-retailer below:

Miraya Indian Clothing

And here are details about her emcee and choreography work:



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