Travel Tales

Mesozoic Times Combined With A Modern Day Game

Mesozoic times (Middle Life Era) combined with a modern day game in today’s #TravelerTuesday with focus on the Jurassic Golf in Ghouda, Netherlands.


Leave aside never having played golf before in my life, I’d never even touched or seen a golf ball or golf club even once. But that didn’t make my experience at this charming park any less fun. Agreed that getting the ball into each of the holes took a minimum of two tries, but I had a good time anyway. Walking from one hole to another amidst lifelike dinosaurs and artificially created caves, paths and little bridges, was surreal but remarkable nonetheless. I spent an hour covering all the 18 holes and then spent around 45 minutes sitting on the one of the many benches offering great views of the surrounding area and the of the park itself. This particular picture is of my favourite spot from the entire park which connects hole number 11 to hole number 12. For this, you have to get inside a floating platform and make your way, dragging the platform (and yourself) from one point to another with the help of a pulley rope. I enjoyed this unique activity so much that I ended up doing it twice, once while covering all the holes and second while I just walked around the park, after my game was done. Visit this park with the kids (if you have any) or with friends and family to create and take back a unique experience and great memories.

Pro tip : In case your ball goes into the water while trying to get it into one the holes, you can retrieve it by using one of the fishing dip nets hung across many points in the park. Mine didn’t go into the water, but just because I wanted to try and get the ball out by using the fishing dip net, I threw the ball into the water and had fun while struggling to get it out, because even that was a first time experience.

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