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Things To Know About The Rarest Blood Type In The World

Those who have watched the film Kahaani, must be aware of the rarest blood type already. Don’t recall it or haven’t seen the movie yet? Then let’s give you a hint. The main antagonist in the movie has the Bombay blood group which is considered by most as the rarest blood type in the most. We aren’t talking about movies here though. The article is about these blood types, which most of us don’t know anything about. Most people are only aware of the normal blood types, referred to as the ABO blood grouping system, which includes the blood groups A+, A-, B +, B-, O+, and O-.

While most people are only fairly acquainted with even these blood types, the knowledge about rarest blood type is almost nil. Hence, only a handful out of the 35 blood grouping systems that the scientists have now identified, are known to the common folk.


rarest blood type stats, rarest blood type


The rarest blood types differ from region to region and as per the grouping. For instance, in the ABO blood grouping, AB- is definitely the rarest blood grouping system in India, as well as worldwide, with only 0.4% of the Indian population possessing it.


rarest blood type asian, rarest blood type

As for the Bombay blood group (also known as the HH blood group), it is not so rare in Mumbai. In the city of dreams, one in every ten thousand has it. However, across India, and even worldwide, only one in every 4 million people has it. Thus, making it the true rarest blood type in the world. Even in the HH group, there is a positive and a negative blood group and out of the two, the HH negative is rarer.


ultra blood types in India, rarest blood type

Other rare blood groups include D+ and D- which was found in only four patients across India. Are you HH positive or negative? Do you know someone with this rarest blood type?

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