Travel Tales

A Secluded, Peaceful Village Surrounded By Nature

In focus for today’s #TravelerTuesday ~ Giethoorn, Netherlands


Ever dream of a secluded, peaceful place, surrounded by nature? The photo below is captured at such a ‘one of a kind’ village in Netherlands which would be the perfect place to settle after retirement, or escape to, for a break from all kinds of urban burdens. It’s uniqueness though isn’t just in the picture-postcard beautiful houses, streams and the flora and fauna; what makes this place a true getaway is that its a (almost) motor vehicle free village. Yup! There are no cars (or any other type of vehicles). The only way around town is to walk, cycle or ride in a boat! We went on a sunny day in the off season, so we got to enjoy the beauty of the place at our own pace, without any hurry and without any thronging tourists. But from what I’ve heard, the place sees quite a rush during March – September. So, take your pick! And also, it’s a lil far from Amsterdam as well as Rotterdam and you’ll have to change a few trains and buses, so check the bus and train timings while going and even while coming back, because the bus comes once every hour and you might end up having to wait at the bus stop if you miss it.

The photo here is of my favourite house from this picturesque village. If I do retire here, I’m pretty sure this is the house I might end up staying in. ❤️

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