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Affordable Branded Makeup Combos To Up Your Gorgeousness

Affordable makeup products are one of the topmost things in any woman’s shopping list right now. With the festive season just round the corner, all ladies need to ensure that their makeup items are in place. After all, its not everyday that we get the chance to celebrate the festivals. Along with the great outfits, makeup needs to be on point to look our best. From the outfit, to the jewelry and even the footwear is taken care of during the festivities. And why only festivals, makeup is an essential thing for every occasion and for almost every woman.

So why not save some bucks while we are looking at options? Unlike what most of us believe, there are affordable branded makeup items out there that are of great quality. Let us look at some of the best affordable branded makeup combos available this festive season. These will ensure that your gorgeousness matches that of your outfits!


1. Maybelline Compact Combo

From matching the skin tone to having the right SPF, compact specifications vary, even though the requirement of this makeup item is quite basic. Here’s what this product combo offers.

Specifications: The blend of water and sebum repellent powders in this compact keeps the skin shine free. With an SPF 32PA+++ your skin will get utmost protection from UV rays. It is breathable and lightweight, hence can be carried around anywhere quite easily. The ultra fine powders along with coated pigments will effortlessly conceal spots and other imperfections on your skin. It comes along with a sponge and an in-built mirror for your convenience and ease of application. The cherry on top is that it comes with an either an Ayur face wash, Ayur Multani Mitti soap or an Ayur Sunscreen lotion. Thus, your one other skin care requirement will also be taken care of.



affordable branded make-up 1


2. Maybelline New York Makeup Kit Palette 

This is another one of affordable branded makeup combos which comes from Maybelline. From lips to eye makeup it takes care of pretty much everything basic.

Specifications: Not all of us makeup experts, right? Thus, the step-by-step instructions and face charts included with this combo will be a huge blessing for novices. If you’re a lover of smoky eyes, this kit gives a range of inky black shadows to get that desire fulfilled. The blushed lip neutrals are perfect for anytime of the day or night.

affordable branded make-up 2

3. Avon Full Face Makeup Combo Kit

This is another one from the affordable branded makeup combos available right now which would be perfect for all your facial makeup needs.

Specifications: The combo contains a kajal, a mascara, an eyeliner, a foundation, a compact, an eyeshadow and a blush. Thus pretty much all the basic makeup items are available in one single package with this one.

affordable branded make-up 3

4. Avon Lip Stylo Lipstick

No girl can be satisfied by owning just  a single lipstick or even a lipgloss. We need at least two different shades or variants in our collection so that there is more than one options available.

Specifications: This affordable branded makeup combo offers two shades of lipsticks which includes a rose creme and a lasting pink variant. Both these colours would look great with any outfit. The  true-color formula in these lipsticks keep the lips smooth and moisturized, all day long.

affordable branded make-up 4

5. Nyx Eyeshadow Palette

Eyeshadows definitely add to the overall appeal of a woman’s face. And of course, there has to be more than one colour available so that there is one shade which matches the outfit you’re currently wearing. This is why the affordable branded makeup combo offered here is great.

Specifications: This palette comes with 4 Shades in each of its palette set. The different combinations made available through this allow one the freedom to explore unlimited looks. All the eyeshadows provided in the palette are highly pigmented thus you can rest assured about the durability as well as quality. 

affordable branded make-up 5


6. Nutriglow Skincare Combo

Along with makeup, women also need to take care of their skin. Whether it is before and after applying or removing the makeup, skincare products are as essential as the makeup products themselves. This combo has it all.

Specifications: Along with 2 Lipstick,  2 Nail Enamel, 1 Kajal and 1 CC Cream, this combo also comes with two types of facial kits. These facial kits include one Insta Glow Facial Kit-6 Steps which is for  skin rejuvenation treatment, and the other kit is Mini Diamond Radiance Facial Kit – 4 step which is for skin radiance and glow. Thus your before, during and after makeup needs are all taken care of.

affordable branded make-up 6

7. Colorbar Get Gorgeous Starter Kit for Warm Skin Tone

Most women are always at a loss when it comes to putting all their skin care and makeup items in one place. Well, this combo of affordable branded makeup takes care of that as well.

Specifications: The kit contains a lip color, one kajal, one nail paint bottle and a blush box. All of these products will take care of most of your facial makeup needs. The best part about this combo is that it comes along with a small bag. Thus, if you want to add any other extra makeup items which you feel are missing in the combo, you can add them to the pouch itself. This is your perfect carry-along makeup kit for travelling as well. A similar Colorbar combo kit is also available for fair skin tone.

affordable branded make-up 7

8. Lakme Combo of Eyeliner and Eyebrow

Eye makeup is one of the most essential ones for any woman. But with most eye makeup products the problem that most women face is that of smudging and reapplying every once in a while. With a brand like Lakme, that is definitely not going to be problem though. Here is what this affordable branded makeup combo of Lakme offers.

Specifications: The combo comes with a curling mascara,an eyeliner and an eyebrow pencil. The eyeliner is a water resistant one hence it will stay in place irrespective of the activity you engage in and whether the weather is hot or cold. The smudge-free formula adds it to long-lasting effect. All the products are easy to apply and offer a sleek, bold look with much ease. The intense black colour of the eye liner and eyebrow pencil will give your eyes a high-shine finish, adding to your overall appeal.

affordable branded make-up 8

9. Lakme 9 to 5 Eye Color Quartet Eye Shadow

Yet again Lakme offers another affordable branded makeup combo to take care of the eyes when it comes to facial makeup.

Specifications: The combo has a quartet with 4 ready to blend colors. They are all radiant colors and shimmer particles which would be perfect for all kinds of looks, whether it be a party, a wedding, a casual outing or even an everyday look. All the shadows have a strong colour payoff which stay on for a long time. With the the sponge applicator that comes as a part this combo, you can line your eyes in just one sweep. You can also create different looks by smudging with the applicator or fingers. If you feel like trying out something new and unique you could even mix 2 or more shades to create a new look.

affordable branded make-up 9

10. Lakme Orange Edge Make Up Kit

This branded affordable makeup products combo from Lakme takes care of eyes and other parts of the face as well. Here is what the combo contains.

Specifications: The combo comes with a Lakme eyeconic kajal black, a Lakme 9 to 5 matte lip color and a Lakme absolute white intense wet and dry compact. The dermatologically tested kajal is smudge proof and water proof, thus will stay on-point for many hours together. The Lakme 9 to 5 matte lip color is formulated with vitamin E and wheat germ oil, which nourishes your lips by retaining its moisture. Thus, it keeps your lips hydrated all day long, giving your lips a smooth and perky look, all day long. The compact is a  long lasting one, formulated with vitamin B3 to nourish the beauty of your skin.

affordable branded make-up 10

11. Oriflame Sweden Make Up Combo

One of the most popular and known names in the makeup field is Oriflame. With this branded affordable makeup products combo Oriflame offers all basic facial makeup products.

Specifications: This Oriflame combo contains  a kajal, an eye liner and a foundation. The kajal contains a light, non-greasy formula with a wonderfully soft, velvety feel which lasts longer and gives a lasting, black touch to make your eyes look intensely sultry. It also has a  non-smudging finish. The foundation is suitable and perfect for the Indian dusky skin tone.

affordable branded make-up 11


Are you all set to up-your gorgeousness this festive season with these makeup combos then?

(originally written for TopYaps)

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