A Must-Visit During Spring Time if in Udaipur

In focus for today’s #TravelerTuesday is Saheliyon Ki Bari in Udaipur, India.


I took this trip with my two BFFs, and it was our very first trip together. A quote from one of my favorite books (and the only Chetan Bhagat book I like) Five Point Someone defines our relationship the best. It goes, “Ryan proposes something crazy, Hari blindly agrees to it and we all end up doing it.” In our case, I’m Ryan, Parini is Hari and Dhara is Alok. We’ve been friends since ages, but the first trip we took together happened in 2016. As they say, better late than never, this kicked off the the first of our many to follow ! Also, Udaipur was special for many reasons as it was nothing less crazy than a bachelorette trip and because soon after, two of us got hitched! Not to mention, the beauty of the city is unmatchable.
This pic is taken at one of my favourite places from this charming little city (which is also called the Venice of India) Saheliyon-ki-Bari. As the picture depicts, spring was in full bloom and the flowers and greenery were just the kind of eye candy I like. So, if you’re planning to go to Udaipur, go before summer sets in and winters have just said goodbye to catch the natural beauty at its best.

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