When You Refuse To Give Up On Your Principles ~ A Jewelry Designer + Departmental Store Owner Shares Her Journey

Walter Cronkite, says

“Success is more permanent when you achieve it without destroying your principles”.

Our #FridayFeature on #WonderWomen today will talk about a woman who did not give up on her principles despite having an easy way out to achieve her goals. Meet, Grocery Store Owner and Jewelry Designer, Shilpa S. Jain. What’s her story? Let’s hear it in her own words.



“Chote shaher ke logo ke sapne bade hote hai and I am a living embodiment of that. My qualification aim, ever since I cleared my SSC Boards, was to go for an MBA after my graduation. I knew where I wanted to do it from and even had a few institutes in mind. CAT, XAT, MAT, I prepared for all of them and even managed to score decently in almost all the competitive exams. The GDs and PIs went well too. But despite all that, each and every institute charged a huge amount of fees and even demanded hefty donation. I was adamant on not bringing any kind of financial burden on my family, at least not for a donation-based education. It was against my principles and even though I had to give up on my aim to do an MBA, I didn’t cave in. But suddenly I was left without a purpose. The family and I all were unsure about my future. It was during one of these gloomy days that my sister suggested I build a career around Jewelry Designing. This was the career path I had in mind after MBA, something I had planned on pursuing after honing my business skills. But it felt the time had come earlier than anticipated. So, I hunted down the best institutes and courses which offered a Jewelry Designing and Diamond Grading course. That’s when my new-found aim landed me in the ‘City of Dreams’ Mumbai. The city isn’t called so just in vain. There’s something about the city, its people and its culture that makes you eager to fulfill your dreams. Living and learning here gave me some of the best times of my life. Those two years taught me more than just about jewelry. Shared living-space and residing under one roof with people from all walks of life makes you realize just how big the world is. I gave the course my all and after completing it, my professional life kick-started at a jewelry firm in Mumbai itself. That was my very first on field and hands-on experience and I thought it would last. But life doesn’t always go as planned, right? My professional life had got me to Mumbai, but my personal life got me back to my roots. I got married in Bhilai and was lucky enough to get a life-partner who supported me and my goals completely. I worked as the Head Faculty at the ATR INSTITUTE OF JEWELRY DESIGNING for a year. But I could not work under someone, not for long at least. And, so the ‘business’ keeda in me was now ready to take the world head-on. That’s when my husband and I started Sampurna, our own departmental store. Both his family and mine, encouraged and backed me to have a separate section of my jewellery designs, in the store itself. The people who buy my designs always tell me how unique and a perfect mix of trendy and traditional they find them to be. Working in a highly competitive market, these kinds of compliments and the fact that they choose my jewellery for the kind of variety and choices available to them, are the best praises I can get. I refuse to pin down a few incidents or people as my learning curves or turning points, because I believe that every person we come across in our life, teaches us something or the other. And that’s why one must always keep the learner’s eye in the self, open. The departmental store and my jewellery designing, alongside a family to take care of, keeps my schedule tight on almost all days, but I draw motivation from all the women, like me, who balance the personal and professional curve, so efficiently. The goal, aim and future plan right now is to get associated with various fashion and real jewelry brands as a JEWELRY SELECTOR and to become a known name in the field of jewelry, not only in Bhilai but across the nation. For every person who is ever on the horns of a dilemma, I would just advise them on making a choice which doesn’t give them sleepless night and to pursue their dream one way or the other, because in the end, you will get there, if not by Plan A, then Plan B or maybe Plan C or Plan D.


She does not have an online presence as of now but is soon planning on making a social media impact with her Jewellery. Keep an eye on this space for her works!

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