When Creative Calling Comes In Late ~ A Yoga Instructor & Owner of A Creative Crafts Venture Shares Her Journey

Michael Jordan says,


“Fitness is like a relationship. You can’t cheat on it and expect it to work”.


In our today’s #FridayFeature on #WonderWomen, we will focus on a woman who believes fitness needs to be authentic.


Meet, Mruganka VS, a Yoga Instructor and a Franchise Head. So, what’s her story? Let’s find out.


“I was a late bloomer where professional growth is concerned. It was at the ripe age of 27 that I started my career. It took me a while to understand my calling and direction. Lack of focus, a broken marriage and losing my child, acted as wake up calls for me to realize that I needed to create my identity and that “I” mattered more than anything or anyone around me. It’s hard to find inspiration when one has hit a rock bottom like that in personal life, but I had my parents support all along. This is what kept and keeps me going even today.

Love for the crafts and the happiness that I got from creating something out of nothing had always given me solace in my growing up years too. Other girls my age used to buy their bags, jewelry, and toys, but I made them on my own. This creative streak helped me get to the position of a Franchise Head for Meherma. The professional journey hasn’t been easy, and I have moved many jobs, along with moving cities too, but these experiences helped me build up the courage for Meherma.

As for the yoga, that is something I picked up from my father. He was and is quite resilient about his yoga and meditation. I grew up watching his dedication towards it and so it caught on to me. Visiting Vipasana regularly became a habit. One week, away from the chaos of the world, is just the kind of retreat that gave me time to reflect on myself and what I was doing with my life.It is a myth that true fitness can be achieved only through a trainer. A physical trainer or instructor is just like any subject matter teacher, whose job ends once the student has learned enough. However, the way today’s fitness industry works is completely opposite. Anyone and everyone with even little knowledge feel that they are the best yoga instructor. In the back of their mind, their only purpose is to make money, which has made the fitness industry turn into one big commercial circus. My fees, if you compare them to others, are lower. This is purely because my aim is to teach authentic yoga. More so, I want my students to gain and learn something which they can practice throughout their life, even without my presence.Patience and persistence are the key to everything and I do not believe in any turning points as I believe our whole life is twists turns. Everyday is so full of possibilities and unpredictable moments that each day is a new turning point.My major motivation comes from my parents. Being parents to a single woman, or rather a divorcee, in a country like India, is harder for them than it is for me. A few good friends and family by my side is all the support I need. My philosophy in life is, “If you can’t be the Queen or ruler of a kingdom, you can at least make a King’s chair for yourself to sit on”Today, I draw the most pride from the fact that everyone appreciates my work and that I make money with my head held high, with reputation and by doing something I believe in.


You can follow her works (as a Yoga Instructor and a Franchise Head) below:

Meherma Creation

Meherma Yog

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