Wonder Women

When You Are Bored With The Ordinary & Conventional ~ An Interior Designer Shares Her Story

Jim Rohn said,

“Whatever good things we build, end up building us”.


In today’s #FridayFeature about #WonderWomen we tell the story of someone who helps build such spaces, with a dash of creativity and fun. Meet Interior Designer and Food Entrepreneur (Café Owner), Shraddha Mehta, who combined her passion for creativity with her love for food.


How did she get into these fields? Let’s hear it from her!


“I grew up in a regular Indian family. From my sister to all my cousins and even my friends, everyone was supportive of me, be it academically or otherwise. You know how the comparisons can give you a permanent inferiority complex and performance anxiety. Luckily I didn’t have any. But I always found the ordinary and the conventional absolutely unacceptable and boring too. Art was my solace and escape even then, so I guess that’s where it all began. It gave and continues to give me a freedom of expression which my words and actions would never convey.

I was never academically inclined, especially during school. So, when it came to choosing a college, I ended up in the wrong place, with the wrong course. However, luckily, I was able to escape before my life was ruined forever. I joined an Interior Designing course and from then on, my artistic side has just gotten bigger wings.

As for the love for food; trying out new dishes, both eating them and making them, was another solace. I spent a few years away from home and family, in another city. So, there wasn’t always a mom or even a kitchen available to have homemade food. I had to eat out almost every day, and most of it wasn’t all that great honestly. That’s when I fell in love with the idea of having my own café. Every time I went out to eat, the ambition to start my own café, grew too. Joules was one of those rare places where I enjoyed the food and the ambience too.
So, when the time came, and things fell in place, a Joules franchise seemed like the right choice and direction to clinch my aim of starting and running my own café. With Joules Café Surat, I’m able to serve healthy food and drink choices, which I craved for when I was away from home.
Through Unlock, my husband and I build spaces which force you to think, creatively. Together with UNLOCK© and Joules, we also provide a place for artists across the city to unleash their artistic best.
Today, I am humbled by the fact that from just an interior designer, I am now known as a Lifestyle Consultant and an Art initiator.

The journey hasn’t been an easy one, but the biggest perk is that I made it where I wanted to be and that I’m doing what I love the most.”


You can follow her professional works (as a designer and a café owner, below)

Joules Juices Surat



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