Wonder Women

Observations & Experiences Turned Into Creative Professions ~ A Floral Designer & Crafter Shares her Story

Lady Bird Johnson says,

“Where flowers bloom, so does hope”.

In today’s #WonderWomen segment on our #FridayFeature we talk about one such woman, who gives us such hope, through her creativity and her passion for all things floral. Noora Dmello, Floral Designer and Crafter, chose fields which demand high levels of creativity. Why she chose these and what got her into it? Let’s read her story in her own words.



“The joy of creating something with my own hands was, and is, indescribable. For a long time, I was stuck in a job, which didn’t excite me. More than the financial satisfaction, there was almost zero motivation and emotional drive. The job in itself wasn’t all that bad. I liked it, but just not enough to keep me going. So, one day, I had enough, and decided to take the plunge. I thought to myself, “Noora! This is your life. Don’t you owe it yourself to do what makes you happy?”

Being part of a large family and losing my mom very early on in my life, I had to take on responsibilities at an age most people are sheltered under their parent’s care. When being strong is the only option you have, you don’t fear failure as much as the person next to you does. And also, you learn to do things on your own when there are others around (read younger siblings) who rely on you, for almost everything.

Hence, I guess the ‘gutsy’ seed was sown in me, from when I was still a teenager. So, when it came to choosing my professional path too, it wasn’t a daredevil move, for me at least. Things aren’t always so dreamlike, but nothing in real life is that way, is it? There are good days and bad days, but at the end of the day, I draw satisfaction from the fact that I gave my best in something I actually like doing.

Everything I do for and through The Happy Florist & Kraftplace are ideas I pick up through observations and my experiences. Maybe that’s why all my creations turn out to be so unique that it’s almost impossible for me to recreate them too!

At this point in my life, failure doesn’t scare me as much not being successful enough does. It also makes me nervous when the task at hand or the goal I have in mind, takes too long to achieve. My biggest motivation comes from the things I work with, be it flowers or papers! Working with beautiful things and creating something beautiful carries its own kind of inspiration.

The smile on a bride’s face while she holds my creations during her walk down the aisle gives me more pleasure than the paycheck I get after!

The milestone I have set for myself currently is to become the only name people can think of when they’re about to get married. That is, if they want something different, something unique, the first thought they’ll have is, “I hope Noora is free!”

In the end, doing what makes you happy is what matters the most. As for the money and success that goes with the work, it will come too, may be not right away, but surely someday soon!


Here’s where you can follow her works (as a florist and a crafter)




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