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A Waterfall You Must Visit When in Karnataka

In focus for today’s #TravelerTuesday ~ Jog Falls


Presenting here, a photograph of one of the major tourist attractions in India, the Jog Falls. According to stats, Jog Falls is the second-highest plunge waterfall in India. This trip too is another memorable one, because it wasn’t the typical sight seeing, touristy trip. It was my first of a kind “literary trip”, where we were visiting Sagara, just to attend the culture course Ninasam. It was an intellectual drive for literature buffs. The Course is designed around a specific theme every year, and organised as a combination of special lectures on the theme, lecture-demonstration-discussions on fundamentals of appreciation of art forms like literature, theatre, film, music, dance, and so on. We attended all these during the day-sessions, and witnessed a series of cultural programmes in the evenings.

It was enlightening as well as mind numbing! On our last day there, we took out some time and decided to at least behave a little touristy and hence landed up here. It was an off season and hence you can hardly see any water in the waterfall! Even so, I was awed.

Karnataka is a must visit for nature lovers because of the greens that stretch and stretch till your eyes can reach out. Visit Sagara for its simplicity and the Jog falls for the beauty that it offers (go during the rainy season though, it’s a much better view and experience than this)

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