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Delicious And Unusual Christmas Dishes For A Perfect Festive Dinner

‘Winter is here’ and it’s time for the most awaited year-end festivities to begin. Christmas dishes to try are the talk of the town currently. Let’s face it, a festival is never complete without some delicious food to gorge on, right? With Christmas wine, Christmas decor and Christmas carols, there are a few Christmas dishes that are a must to make this festival perfect. After all, “Christmas isn’t a season, it’s a feeling”! That feeling cannot be fully appreciated without hogging on delicious food.

If you’re looking for dishes for your festival menu, here are a few Christmas dishes to try. These are a must to have on your dinner table for making it the perfect and the most memorable festive dinner.


1. Roast Chicken

What’s Christmas without some meat on the dinner table, right? Since chicken is a favorite of most non-vegetarians in India, instead of a roast turkey, why not opt for a roast chicken. Surely having this as one of your Christmas dishes will make the festive dinner a delicious one!

roast chicken.jpg


2. Festive Cheese Balls

Cheese is loved by almost everyone. Whether it’s on top of a pizza or sandwich, it gets gorged upon by people of all ages. This festive season, you can add a twist to it by making them a little festive, maybe as a Christmas tree or by making them colorful like Christmas decor balls. You can serve this as appetizers or even as a side dish. Add a few crackers along with the balls and you have one of the best Christmas dishes.

Christmas dishes, cheesballs


3. Roasted Cheesy Potatoes

Who doesn’t like potatoes! Whether as french fries or in any other way, potatoes can add a flavor like no other vegetable. Since we already have roasted chicken on the menu, might as well go for roasted potatoes too. Adding cheese will make this another one of great Christmas dishes.



4. Veg Lasagna

Okay, well, this could be veg or non-veg both. But you may have someone over who could be a vegetarian. Hence, it is better to just keep the options open. But, in whatever variant, lasagna is a must-have Christmas dish.



5. Baked Sweet Potatoes

We had potatoes in their roasted variant, adding sweet potatoes to the menu will give more of a choice and a delicious one at that. Have these in the baked version to complement the other roasted dishes. There are numerous easy-to-cook recipes from which you can choose the best.

Image result for christmas baked cheese potatoes

Taste of Home

6. Smoked Salmon

Christmas without any seafood would be a rather dull affair. Add the best of it in the form of a smoked Salmon to your Christmas dishes and you have a memorable feast in the making.



7. Rum Plum Cake

What’s for dessert? Rum plum cake! Wouldn’t that be the perfect dose for all? And, having a rum plum cake rather than a simple one is just to remind us that it’s not a regular dessert but a Christmas food item!


Christmas dishes, Rum Plum Cake


8. Christmas Cookies

The smell and taste of homemade cookies is just the cherry-on-top that you need for a smashing Christmas celebration. These can also be given away as return gifts to those who visit you on Christmas day.



9. Avocado Salad

For those who want to have a healthy Christmas, you can add this to your menu! Made with avocados, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and some seasonings, this will be a delectable add-on which everyone will be able to relish without feeling guilty about the calories.



10. Eggnog

There are quite a few Indians who are ‘eggetarians’. For such, what better drink item to add to the Christmas dishes than eggnog. Easy to make, not too heavy on the stomach and quite delicious to have, this will make your festive dinner more enjoyable.


After having read this, your taste buds must already be tingling. So, which one of these Christmas dishes will be on your menu? Do you have any other dishes on your list? Let us know in the comments!

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