Letters That Matter

Please, Maintain Silence

To all those attending funerals and prayer meetings

Dear mourners (and non-mourners) ,

I recently lost my grandmother (may her soul rest in peace 🙏🏻) and though I’m still healing and coping with her loss, something else bothers me more. Yes, the grief is still fresh. But though I was craving for some quiet time to reminiscence over the good times I spent with her, I honestly couldn’t. The reason? Our society.

While we may have progressed in terms of technology and scientific achievements, it feels like we have regressed in terms of humanity.

Why? Because, besides the really immediate family who have lost someone, the others attending a funeral or a prayer meeting, it seems, only see it as another occasion where they can meet people.

Despite boards which shout out ‘Maintain silence’, there is hardly anyone who sits quietly for more than a few minutes. The ones who are grieving are left fuming with anger and frustration. They wonder if the ones who have come, are there to pay their last respects to the dead and to console the family of the deceased, or to catch up on the latest gossip.

Being doing so, you are not only disrespecting the one who has passed away, but also not giving the time, space and quite to those who are actually grieving and/or wanting to pay their respects.

So, here’s an open request to all attendees of funerals and prayer meetings. Irrespective of whether or not you were close to the one who has died, please 👇

Respect the dead. Respect the family of the dead. More importantly, respect the grief that the family is going through. 🙏🏻


Someone who lost someone recently

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