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Weird Boob Trends With A Festive Touch That Are Taking The Internet By Storm

Weird boob trends have been around since the last few years. However, instead of settling down or simply going away (which would be easy to understand), these weird boob trends are actually developing more variants every year. Where a few years back, these weird boob trends were only about Reindeer, there are now multiple ways in which people are decorating their boobs, irrespective of whether it’s a male or female. Yes, even men have started participating in these weird boob trends.

Seems the festive season got a new touch of its own, thanks to the internet. Have a look at some of the weirdest boob trends with a festive touch. From reindeer to Santa Claus, here are some of the boob trends that are taking the internet by the storm. Be prepared for a “WTF” reaction on almost all of these weird boob trends.


1. Reindeer

An old one, but this is still the weirdest boob trends. Reindeer is one of the most popular signs of Christmas.! Probably people put it on their body parts to show just how excited they are. Do you think the reason is something else?


weird boob trends 1


2. Glitter

It’s not like a woman’s breasts don’t get enough attention. But adding glitter to it will definitely ensure that they are gawked at. The only thing I am worried about is how much time will it take to wash off all that glitter?



3. Lights

Are you a fan of the Christmas lights being put on the Christmas tree? Why not use them to light up your boobs too! Yup, that’s a weird boob trend too. Also, isn’t it associated with the risk of getting an electric shock!



4. Paper decor

We love adding paper decorations to our Christmas. Adding them as body decor has become another one of the weird boob trends. People are preparing different things with paper to stick them on their nips.



6. Flakes and all

Christmas is not complete without snowfall. People seem to like the snowflakes so much that they came up with a boob decor idea related to the same. In this, women attack fake snowflakes on their boobs along with other shiny decoration items.



7. Wreath Wrath

Christmas wreath has also been turned into a body decor item in these weird boob trends. In fact, there are sweaters with the same design too.



8. Curves everywhere

Christmas balls fan? Not only on boobs people have decided to be showcase these balls on their butts as well. So, curves everywhere, literally.



So, did these freak you out or would you want to try out one of these weird boob trends yourself? Let us know in the comments. Also, have a very Merry Christmas!

(originally written for TopYaps.com)

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