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7 Unusual Christmas Gifts That Money Can Never Buy

Unusual Christmas gifts are more likely to be remembered and cherished than materialistic ones. With the festive season, some of us who haven’t already bought gifts for our loved ones. Fear not! These unusual Christmas gifts would be a great way to show our love. Gifting is one of those things which make this festive season special. Hence, giving a memorable gift is something which will add on to the beauty of this festival.

These unusual Christmas gifts are not only unique but they will show kindness and thoughtfulness. Here is a look at some of the best unusual Christmas gifts which could come in handy this festive season.


1. A walk down the memory lane

How long has it been since you had a look at the old photographs? Christmas is about family, so maybe its time to reminiscence some of your best moments together. Wouldn’t that be one of the most unique, special and unusual Christmas gifts to give? If you have old photo albums, take them out, and you could also get the ones on your smartphones printed to make a handmade memory notebook!



2. Moments of the year

How about making a movie out of the best memories you created with someone during the entire year? With the technology on our fingertips, this is so much easier. You can add effects like music, captions, and animation to create a video.



3. Handmade or Personalized calendar

A calendar will never be out of fashion! Since Christmas marks the end of the year, you could gift someone a family calendar or a personalized handmade or printed calendar with their photographs. Wouldn’t that be one of the most unusual Christmas gifts?



4. An unfulfilled promise

We may have fallen short on fulfilling a promise we made to someone. Like, a shopping spree with your mother, or maybe something major like a promise to quit smoking and/or drinking. Fulfilling these promises would make everyone who cares about you, happier. It will also be a gift that they will surely cherish.



5. A day at the orphanage

Christmas is a day to feel blessed. However, there are so many who aren’t as blessed or fortunate as we are. They deserve to enjoy the festive season just as much. So, who not opt to spend time with the less fortunate? You could visit an orphanage, go to a government school or even an NGO. Take your loved ones with you and spend time with those who don’t have a family.



6. Time

In our busy schedule, time is the one thing we aren’t able to give to so many people we care about. So why not give time as a present to the ones you love? Plan out a special outing on Christmas day.



7. Bend the knee

If you have a special someone in your life, Christmas would be the ideal time to put a ring on the relationship. If you are planning to propose, this would be one of the most memorable and unusual gifts.


Which one of these ideas did you like the most? Will you be using any of them? Do you have any more such unusual Christmas gifts ideas? Share with us in the comments! You can also check our list of unusual gifts for kids.

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