Travel Tales

Setting Sun, Raising Spirits

Starting today, I will be sharing a #TravelTale every Tuesday with #TravelerTuesday, where I will be sharing a picture of a place and my experience around it.

And, what better place to start it off than the place closest to my heart, Bombay!

Ah! This one’s my personal favourite! Why you ask? Simply because it captures my favourite city, Bombay , so beautifully.

Image may contain: ocean, text and water


This was captured exactly five years back from the terrace of an old building in Mahim. It was during my literature internship and the job in itself has a special place in my heart as well, because this was when I realized that you can love your work too. My office work desk had a sea facing view too and one day after work I just decided to explore more and landed up here. How it made my day!

I’d captioned this pic “Setting sun, raising spirits” and even today this pic doesn’t fail to improve my mood in nano seconds. Here’s to the “city of dreams” then. The city which has already fulfilled most of my dreams and I am pretty sure it will continue to do so. Again, if you’re around this area, go atop any of the old buildings here and you’ll get this view, which is a must if you’re a lover of this city just as I am.

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