Sibling Rivalry & All Things Dynamite In ‘Pataakha’

Stories of rural India in their most sensitized form are Vishal Bhardwaj’s forte by now. With Pataakha too, he has brought out an aspect through an intimate rural life story, but one which we can all relate to, irrespective of where we live.


Sibling rivalry is shown at its best through raw emotions in this Vishal Bhardwaj’s latest. We do hate our siblings and envy them at times. Especially when they get more attention from our parents, get away with wrong things or even if, in general, life is better for them than it is for us. This comes out in every frame of Pataakha, and hilariously so!


The two female lead, though can be termed as ‘new’ in the industry, leave us spellbound with their performances and nowhere do we feel that they are just a film or two old. The hatred between the two sisters, who are constantly at loggerheads in everything, is actually what keeps them going. Their lives are boring without the rivalry between them. So much so that they are able to achieve their dreams only when the worst of their hatred tears apart the family they are married into. But alas, even after reaching the top, they are empty without each other. And that’s where the story takes a new turn, and the sisters realize that their hatred towards one another is actually their way of showing how much they care for each other.


Isn’t that how our relationships with our siblings are too? We hate each other, but underneath all that rivalry, there is a deep-rooted care and we know we cannot survive without one another. The love-hate relationship between us will continue and that’s what keeps us going. And try as we might, we can’t live without each other.


Sunil Grover as the ‘Naarad’ type character is all of us when we get our entertainment quotient satiated at the expense of creating rift between two people (admit it, we all enjoy it, at least a little bit)


With Pataakha, yet again, Vishal Bhardwaj has proved that he is a master when it comes to adaptations, be it a Shakespearean adaptation or a regional writer like Charan Singh Pathik’s story.


If you are a fan, it’s a must watch. If you’re not yet a fan, this will definitely make you one.


P.S: Rekha Bhardwaj’s playback and Gulzar’s lyrics (of course coupled with Vishal’s own compositions) are the cherry on top! The song ‘balma’ brings out the rivalry and hatred between the sisters hilariously and is my new found favourite song for now.

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