Indian Super Hero or Zero? Bhavesh Joshi Superhero #FridayReview

After how many attempts do we give up trying to change the system? Well, some of us don’t even begin, or worse are part of the deteriorating and corrupt system itself. Bhavesh Joshi is a story of three such different characters, who define all these three kind of people; one who doesn’t give up trying, one who gives up after trying for a while and one who doesn’t try at all (but in the end even he does, but we’ll come to that later)

So obviously the story is relatable for all, because all of us fall in one of the above categories. But, the important question here would be, “Is the story good?”

Well, in most parts, yes it is. And yes, it does fail in a few places. However, I would like to point out something which bothers me as a cinephile.

Two movies, two siblings, same release date.

bhavesh joshi vs veerey di wedding.png

Which one would you choose?A pseudo feminist movie or a realistic superhero movie?

The choice of the majority is quite clear.

bhavesh joshi replaced.png

I was one of the very few who was looking forward to catching this movie in a theater but couldn’t do so because, obviously it was already off the screens within just a few days.

Thank God for Netflix!

So, how’s the movie, then? Definitely much better than Veere Di Wedding. 

*spoiler alert*: The titular role is not played by the lead actor.

The plot is humourous in the beginning but quickly turns dark.

At one point even you want to shout out at Bhavesh Joshi and tell him to not be so brave because you’re pretty sure he is going to end up dead. However, he doesn’t give up fighting till the very end.

What starts off as a water shortage problem is quickly revealed to be a dirty game in which people till up at the top are involved. Yes, there is politics, violence and even bloodshed. But it leads up to the good guys winning in the end, only because they don’t give up. This is what makes Bhavesh Joshi a superhero, because as he says, “Hero paida nahi hota, banta hai.”

Point to be noted,  while watching the movie, I found myself thinking, thank God at least someone in this Kapoor clan can act and is not just a showpiece in the movie! (I’m also taking into account the cousins)

I mean, the other Kapoor clan seems to have inherited the acting gene quite well, right ?Barring a few movies like Khushi and Besharam maybe.

So, yes, watch Bhavesh Joshi Superhero if you, like me, did not like Veere Di Wedding. And also because we need a realistic superhero, someone who can make us believe that we’re all superheros if we don’t give up the fight.

P.S: You gotta watch it for Chawanprash at least! I’m still hungover on that song and will be for a very long time.




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