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Dear Men, Not All Feminists Hate You

Letters That Matter ~ 12


To the men who fear feminists and feminism

Dear men,

Yes, I’m a feminist. And the first thought that probably came to your mind was, “Oh! she must hate all men.”

So, let me begin my saying, no I don’t. And yes, I do. No, because I was raised by a man, grew up with another and am now happily married to one. So, no I don’t hate all men.

And yes, because, I do have strong opinions and animosity against those who think women are inferior to men. This, however, is irrespective of the gender of that person. I would feel the same way about any woman who thinks the same too; that men are superior, they should be revered or women must obey them at all times.

Feminism has become so synonymous with man-hating that any woman who is a feminist is instantly seen as a threat by men. But, dear, men;though sadly most of the feminists these days are male-haters and male-bashers, you need to be reminded that, not all of us are like that.

There are some of us who respect you, because, we know, that we can’t co-exist by hating the opposite gender. We respect you, because, some of you are feminists too. We respect you, because, some of you have helped us reach the peak of our careers and made us happy in our personal lives too. We respect you, because you let us be.

So thank you to all such men.

Because, feminist or not, we’re all first ‘humanist’.



A feminist who doesn’t hate (all) men



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