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If Indian Mythological Characters Used Social Media #WednesdayHumour

Indian Gods and mythological characters are so many that even someone who is staunchly religious would not know the actual count. It is the age of digitization and ‘Digital India’ is the in thing today. Right from our neighbour to our maid everyone is on social media these days. But can you imagine Indian Gods and the various Indian mythological characters actively using social media like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook and what not!

It would be a field day for most of them and of course for us, as their followers. The hilarity ensuing from their captions and their bios would be relatable for most of us addicts. But, we often cannot imagine them in such a form. Hence, there would be even more hilarity all around because of their snobbishness and pretty much everything. Let’s see what it might look like if some of our Indian Gods and Indian mythological characters used social media.


1. Krishna

Considered as the Casanova, Lord Krishna would be a huge hit on Tinder. And his bio would be something along the lines of  “Strategist. Heartstealer. Casanova. King Maker”. He would also be one of those Indian Gods actively giving relationship tips and advice on social media platforms.

Indian Gods 1


2. Bheema

Bheema is the true fitness enthusiast. With a strong physique and muscle strength to boast off proudly, his profile on social media would be one of those (like most fitness and health freaks these days) about regular workouts, what he ate that day, how his body was shaping up, and all that jazz.


Indian Gods 2


3. Arjuna

A war hero, an ideal husband, and a star student! Arjuna would be a hit among the elders and an envy for his contemporaries.

Indian Gods 3


4. Karna

Another war hero, and the nemesis of Arjuna, Karna would be a champion of the less fortunate. He would certainly be supported by the masses for his philanthropist nature.

Indian Gods 4


5. Shiva

Shiva is considered to be the ‘cool’ God because of his apparently weed smoking habit and down-to-earth appearance. Can you imagine what a rave he would be on Twitter with maybe hashtags like #ISupportWeed or #MakeWeedLegal?


Indian Gods 5

6. Draupadi

Draupadi would definitely have been the strong and quite vocal feminist. She would be the spokesperson of women’s liberation. Also, raise her voice in support of issues like how women are as entitled as men to have relationships and sexual desires.


Indian Gods 6


7. Sita

The complete opposite of Draupadi, Sita would be the ideal homemaker, active on WhatsApp and Snapchat with daily updates on the #JungleLife. She would even her own YouTube channel with tips and tricks on surviving the jungle life. And, her Tinder profile might look like this!


Indian Gods 7


8. Rama

He was called the ‘People’s King’ but his ideologies would be a little outdated in today’s digital world. Maybe that’s why his Facebook profile would be a little conventional rather than the new, hip, and  trendy.

Indian Gods 8



9. Laxman

Laxman would be the epitome of bromance in this digital age. His profile pictures on social media, including WhatsApp would most likely be his photos with Ram and Sita.

Indian Gods 9


10. Naradmuni

The disruptor and controversial figure in each social media interaction, Naradmuni’s Twitter bio could read something like “Gossip monger. Page 3 enthusiast. Freelance reporter”. Needless to say, he would be the most active on all the platforms be it Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, or even Google Plus.

Indian Gods 10


11. Guru Dronacharya

Guru Dronacharya would, in this day and age, conduct online classes rather than teach students at his ashram. He would be having his own YouTube channel where he teaches all the royalty as an e-guru and his Facebook profile might look something like below.

Indian Gods 11


Having these Indian Gods and mythological characters on social media would surely be fun and entertaining for us! What do you think?

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