Letters That Matter

Future, Nurtured.

Letters That Matter ~ 11


Dear future me,

I don’t know where you are in life right now, personally as well as professionally, but wherever you are, I am sure you’re at a better place than today.

Even if in your professional life you are not where you aimed to be, I know your personal life is worth what you haven’t been able to achieve at work. Because, the present you would not have stopped at anything to be at the top of her game, in work or otherwise.

In case you are doing better than what you aimed for, then I’ll say ‘Kudos Girl’ and give you a thump on the back.

At some point you’re also going to hate, dislike and question the choices of your past self; which is your current self right now, and believe me, I feel the same about my past self too. So, remember that, it’s part of the growing up, growing old and personal growth process. The important thing is that you reached here, despite those bad choices, if ever there were some.

I hope you’ve kept the eccentric, crazy, silly, sassy, funny present you intact. If not, please rekindle her, because she was awesome! If by chance you are even sassier than you were then, keep it on and growing.

If any unseen tragedy has befallen you, in personal or professional life, and you’ve maybe lost a lead character from your life, I hope this gives you the hope you need in your life, to stay strong, to move on.

Though the grief must’ve been or even still is devastating, remember that ‘special one’ you lost, the good times you spent with them, what you learnt from them and how they’d be disappointed in you if you stopped being the best version of yourself, just because of them.

If it was ‘something special’ that you lost, maybe a rejection letter, an offer you’d worked hard for but didn’t get, then I hope you didn’t give up. If you did, please, revive yourself and restart.

Because, my dear, you’re meant for great things,always were and always will, and if you haven’t got there, this is me reminding you to!


From your past (and present) self


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