Good Food, Happy Mood & Something for Everyone @ Joules Juice Bar #FridayReview

 “Laughter is the brightest, where food is best.”

says an Irish proverb. Our experience at Joules can best be summarized through this line. Why? Because in a place where we ideally only go for food, and leave within the hour max, we ended up spending 3 hours! And to our own surprise, did not get bored.

Of course, good food played the major role in this. But Joules isn’t all about only the good food. You can:

– Read a book (they have a special corner for that; along with a light to help you read during anytime of the day!)

read a book.jpg




– Play games (board games, card games) or

board games

playing cards.jpg

– Simply converse with each other at this quaint café, with eye pleasing colors and corners surrounding you.

Inside the cafe Joules.jpg

Joules 1.jpg


Catch up with your friends; go out for some quality family time or enjoy some lone time at this juice bar which offers a mix of healthy as well as indulgent food and beverages. I would especially like to highlight on the ‘healthy’ options as these would be ideal for:

  • People who are conscious about their diet
  • The older generation who are not really inclined towards junk food (making this a perfect place for a family dinner or family get together as well)



What we ordered:

  • Soul Pasta: Cheesy, spicy (only a little) and filling (quite wholesome)

soul pasta.jpg


  • Dark Choco Shake: Extra chocolaty (the most chocolaty one on the menu, as per the chef)

choco milkshake.jpg


  • Nutella ice coffee : Not too sweet and not too bitter, just the way I (and mostly everyone) like it
  • JSM sandwich: The sandwich in itself was yummy but what I liked more were the fry’ems and potato wafers that come along with the sandwich (just the way we like the complimentary masala puri more than the main bhel-puri or pani puri dish)

Jsm sandwich.jpg

  • Fruit and cream: This is something I had been looking for in Surat (as it is available at many places in Bombay) for quite long. And boy, I’m glad it has arrived in such yummy avatar. The fruits were fresh and sweet and the cream was just the right flavor and amount.

Fruit n Cream.jpg

The chef recommended these (but oh, we were so very full! Otherwise we (me and all the people close to me. Yes, we’re all foodies) never say no to food. Not to good food especially! So in case you’re planning to gorge, please take along more than 3-4 people)

  • Berry Blast (it is the most popular one and a must try item on their menu, as per their chef)

Berry Blast.jpg

  • Cheese pops (because, who can say no to cheese!)

Cheesy pops.jpg

My ratings:

  • Food: 5/5
  • Ambiance: 4.5/5
  • Pricing: 4.5/5

The (only) negatives:

  • The book collection is limited. But, hey, you can carry your own book and read it there! Or you can contribute to the collection, as they are open to accepting old and used books. So the books you have already read will be put to good use and can spread happiness to other bibliophiles.

limited books.jpg


  • The soul pasta does not come with ketchup in it (a recently incorporated change, as per the chef). But, like us, you can ask for it and add it to the mix!
  • The café is (sometimes overtly) crowded during the evenings, especially on weekends. So if you’re looking for some quiet and peaceful time (alone or with someone) go during the day (before 6 pm)


The USP:

  • The upper floor has Indian type divan seating, (with a mattress, throw pillows, small stools and wooden chairs), which I have not seen anywhere else. At least, not in Surat. And as per the owner, they also organize date nights and movie nights in this part of the café. Looking for a place to organize a surprise (you know; movie and candlelight dinner types) for your partner? Here it is!

upper floor stools.jpg

indian chairs.jpg

Indian divan.jpg

  • Healthy and wholesome food and beverage options (besides junk food)

menu (2).jpg

menu (3)


  • Regular offers (almost every alternate day) along with seasonal flavors (dishes and beverages) in the juices and fruit creams. (You can follow their social media pages on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates about such offers. They even have the offers mentioned on the board at the café)

joules offers

mango seasonal

strawberry seasonal

  • You can add your own designing touch on this wall! Leave a bit of yourself behind.

add your own art.jpg

P.S: In case you don’t feel like stepping out of the house, they’re on Swiggy as well. And with discounted rates that too! They provide home-delivery directly as well (without Swiggy/Zomato)

joules on swiggy.jpg

joules home delivery.jpg

What else? (Art lovers and artists please take note)

– It is the only cafe in town which promotes art. They are open to any artist showcasing/ contributing/displaying their artwork.

joules art 3

joules art


– The art wall (on the upper floor) was open to public. Different personalities added their sketches on the banned Plastic cups and created this art installation out of that!

– It is the only cafe that plays pure jazz music (except during peak hours)

– Artists who need to work/sketch/dream peacefully are most welcome to hang around.

joules art 2

– Freelance designers who want to hold small meeting/ client sessions are most welcome to café venue.

All in all, a good experience and memories to carry along with you, are promised at this artful and colorful cafe.

Joules 3.jpg

(review as published on Zomato)

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