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Being a Teacher ~ Things That Come Along With The Profession #TeachersDaySpecial

Of all the hard jobs around, one of the hardest is being a good teacher.”

says,  Maggie Gallagher and she couldn’t have been more right. On this Teacher’s Day, let us look at some of the things that come along with being in the profession. Or in other words, the professional hazards of being a teacher.

1. The early morning curse.

Even on a Holiday or Sunday morning, you’ll end up waking up at 5:30-6:00 AM, thanks to the daily routine. Oh! how you hate it. (Let me sleep awhile please!)

Image result for waking up gif

2. Breakfast at 6!

Your stomach starts rumbling of its own accord as soon as the clock hits 10! (Can we go back to the cafeteria for food again?)

Image result for feed me gif

3. Always out of stationery

No matter how many pens/pencils/erasers you buy and own, when there’s need for it, you will always be out of stock. (Where did all of them go?)

Image result for where is my pen gif

4. Grading everyone.

So, my friend wrote something and asked me to edit it. Out of habit, I ended up grading it and even writing comments at the end…with three smiley faces. I guess it’s a common thing among us teachers.

Image result for this teacher corrected a letter by trump

Image result for this teacher corrected a letter by trump

5. Love divided.

Your children/nieces/nephews and all the kiddie relatives start feeling that your love is becoming divided. They think you love your students more than them. And if unfortunately, one of them is actually your student as well. Be ready for war!

Image result for kid asking do you love me

6. Loudspeaker.

Yes, our voices become naturally loud and we end up treating adults as students too, admonishing them for something we think they did wrong. (How irresponsible of you to keep the lights on? Did you wash your hands? I don’t think it’s wise to drive that fast, dear!)

Image result for teacher loud gif

7. Random run-ins.

Whether you are at a grocery store, shopping, or at the movies with your family, be sure of running into at least one of your students. Your family and friends are so used to this scenario that it becomes a hot topic of discussion at social gatherings!

Image result for running into teachers outside of school

8. Two vacations a year!

Yes, one of the best perks of being in the education field, is that you get two long vacations and more holidays than other working professionals! And you hear people envying and cursing you for the same, all the time. (“We don’t have an off today, unlike you!” or “We can’t go on long trips — we don’t get a long vacation like you!”)

Image result for perks of being a teacher two vacations a year

9. The endless questions.

Oh, yes, we feed knowledge to hungry minds. But, even then, you will be barged with endless questions. Regardless of what subject you teach them and which topic is being covered, you will be asked questions about anything and everything.

Related image

10. The selfless love.

The best perk about this job is the selfless love you receive from the little ones. Sometimes this love is showered in the form of gifts as well!

Image result for kids hugging teacher gif

11. The payroll.

Unfortunately, being a teacher, isn’t a very high paying job. So, you will constantly be barraged with questions like “Why are you in this profession?” or “This job is beneath you,” or “Your worth is much more than this,” and even “Why don’t you try in any other field?”

Image result for teachers salary meme

To all such people, here’s the answer: we chose to be in this field, we love the job, and it’s not because we do not have anything else.

Whatever may be the case, I think we are the only ones who truly love our jobs. Yes, sometimes we do crib about it, but the innocence of the kids and the love for the subject, reminds us of why we chose this! We are the building pillars of the society because we make and shape the future minds.

Three cheers to all of us!

(as published on Thought Catalog)

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