Boss Lady and Life After Retirement in The Intern #FridayReview

We’re in the 21st century and still not open or accepting to a Boss Lady. We may think gender equality is here, but is it really so? Jules (Anne Hathaway) points this out in one of my most favorite scenes from the movie.

Jules runs her own business, which she is not only passionate about but has managed to make it one of the most successful ones in a very short time. Ben has just retired from a job he has worked at during most of his professional life. How do these two meet? Not wanting to sit at home and do nothing, Ben takes up an internship at Jules’s firm. Everyone including Jules finds it difficult to make Ben useful as to what kind of contribution he would be able to make in an environment which is heavily tech based.

He may not understand how technology works but his understanding, experience and wisdom, helps bring semblance to not only Jules’s business but even in her personal life, which if not for Ben’s insights would have gone down the drain. And not only Jules’s, Ben saves the day for most of his colleagues through his old school ways. Jules’s personal life shows us the modern day heterosexual couple who is open to change of conventional roles but yet finds it difficult.

That the characters of Jules and Ben are played by seasoned actors is of course a plus point, but even someone who is a novice to their other noteworthy works in cinema so far would be left awed by the brilliant performances.

An overall feel-good movie with positive vibes all around, The Intern would be liked by all ages and would be ideal for a family movie date. Watch it for understanding the importance of life and work, and the balance in between.

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